Are Programming Topics Relevant To Money & Finance?

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Recently I noticed my posts were being downvoted by @meowcurator account on Leofinance. Out of curiosity for what the reasons might be, I had to ask. The curator was kind enough to respond with a reason behind the downvotes. And the reason provided was that my programming/coding related posts were better fit for programming/dev community as opposed to Leofinance.

I strongly disagree that programming topics are not relevant to the topics of money and finance. In my opinion, they are more relevant to money than ever. Of course, not all programming topics can be relevant to money. It all depends on the functions and purpose of the code or software.

When we talk about traditional forms of money before the Bitcoin, blockchain, and crypto era we need to consider the characteristics of money. We can outline the characteristics of money as following:

  1. Durable
  2. Portable
  3. Divisible
  4. Uniform/Fungible
  5. Acceptable
  6. Stable
  7. Limited Supply
  8. Hard to counterfeit

When Bitcoin became a reality, not only it improved on all of the characteristics of money but it also introduced programability as another characteristic of money. Many even call Bitcoin a programmable money. This applies not only to Bitcoin, but also many other cryptocurrencies such as Hive and Leo. In fact, programmability is in the core of the blockchain technologies and new form of money like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Due to innovative thinking in programming, not only we can create more secure, trustless and efficient money and financial systems, but also we can enable individual participants of such economies to interact with these financial networks programmatically and innovate in the implementation of such technologies.

For example, once I talked to a whale who was planning to delegate large amount stake to someone. This person also had programming skills. While there were many front-end solutions available to perform such a simple operation like delegating, this stakeholder chose to write their own code just for this purpose. Yes, most used front-ends are can be trusted, but they also are third parties we rely on in interacting with the blockchains. Having an ability to write one's own code to interact with the blockchain without using third party software can add another layer of security in certain situations.

We often hear, perhaps too many times the common saying - 'not your keys, not your coins'. This suggests that we need to hold our assets in wallets we own for which we have the private keys. Do we consider how often we trust third party software with our keys?

For the most part this may not be a big issue, as we know which software and front-ends we can trust. Having an option and ability to interact with blockchain without relying on such third parties, on itself is adds great value to the blockchain technology.

This doesn't mean everybody should start writing their own code to interact with the blockchain or participate in such economies. It only mean programability feature of such money and financial systems can be useful when needed and is open and available for everybody.

Most blockchain software codes are open source. These codes being open source blockchain ledgers being public adds another feature of transparency to the new money and financial systems. Sharing experiences with programming on such topics on the public blockchain with code snippets makes them open source by default. Thanks to those who share their experiences, knowledge and skills in programming, I have been able to learn as well.

Programmable money and role of programming in the future of financial systems is an interesting topic. I hope to do more research on that in the future.

What do you think? Do you think programming topics can be part of money and finance? Or do you think they belong elsewhere?

Lastly, using a little bit of programming I was able to retrieve some data from Hive blockchain. If @meowcurator is a curating account on Leofinance, it must downvoting many other posts and accounts too, right? Unfortunately, the results were disappointing and makes feel targeted by @meowcurator for some different reason.

This account in its lifetime downvoted only six times. Four out of six were downvotes on my posts. This account only downvoted with -100% weight four times, and they all were on my posts. Below is the screenshot of the results of a simple script that gets all downvotes by this curating account.


Above results can be achieved by using HiveSQL code below:

select author, voter, weight, permlink, timestamp
from TxVotes
where voter = 'meowcurator'
and weight < 0
order by timestamp desc

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Personally when it comes to communities I think in terms of Primary and secondary. I am not a fan of cross-posting but just because I find the addition to my profile horrid. I do like communities that also list posts as a tag which in some ways does pose a problem to communities. This is why:
Leo from what I know only shows posts that use their interface so the custom json attached to it saying which interface was used. So Leo in itself has positioned itself a Primary only category.

@Proofofbrainio though show posts and allow rewards on posts if they just have the tag, so proofofbrainio can be primary and secondary. I can't Post from there and list the Leofinance tag and still get Leo rewards. (might be wrong?)

So if I write for LeoFINANCE I agree that my post is primarily on topic. I agree with @rishi556 that then if it is about code etc that it somehow does relate to the finance spectrum. Leo and many are quite lenient on that and for the LEO community specifically it will take a single push to truly villainize those they consider milking etc.

I know @enforcer48 says code can be in stem but fucked if I am able to think of stem as anything other than ladeeda space and cutting frogs. However they are a Primary community, so if you post to stem then you agree that is 100% STEM to your knowledge obviously as one grows and feels comfortable in the community you maybe write a bit off topic and just like the category maybe.

Then you add your secondary tags for "discoverability" say Pal ;) , proofofbrain obviously, some actual topic tags such as python, data-analysis etc.

So yes many communities have positioned themselves as secondary and we need those, I do not like cross-posting if only because it looks shit so maybe that is an interface thing, I think you should be almost completely on topic within your Primary category/community.

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Programmable money, its like we are living in the future lol. I never thought of that but it is an interesting point. Money is changing and will probably continue to progress towards a more digital form in the near future. Its interesting to think about. I don't use the leofinance tag/community so I don't have an opinion on that part of your post though.

Programmable money is usually referred to Bitcoin, but I think it can apply to many other cryptocurrencies. It is really fascinating to to think about and how it works. It is definitely of the topics I am really interested in.

Leofinance is awesome. You should give it a try. They have been building and innovating. Definitely one of the best communities on Hive.

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It depends, if you talking about the financial or economic impact of a technology I would say it's ok but if the main topic is about how to acomplish a task using programing tools (for example) then the answer is no.
I am going to be honest with you...I find your excessive use of tags (as a strategy to earn as much tokens as possible) as a perfect example of shoehorning.

It bothers me a bit when you use the stem tag when the topic is not directly stem related, for example:

And many more

You are right, some of my posts may not directly be 100% on STEM topics. I just use my best judgement on how I think about it. If I see some relevance, then I don't seem harm in participating in these tribe economies. I would consider topics on blockchain to be part of STEM.

Again, it comes down to difference of opinion how people view and judge topics discussed.

Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts.

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As one of the curators on STEMGeeks, we only want to see blockchain-related content when it's about the tech (or any other aspect relating to each letter of STEM). We don't want anything to do with TA, price action, airdrops, etc.

If you want to share some code and explain what you are trying to accomplish, cool. If you want to do a tutorial about how to set up a mining rig, also cool. If you are showing how to use exchanges for buying and selling, we don't want that.

We let posters make their own judgement and we mute the posts, which void all STEM rewards, if we find them off topic. Extreme offenders will be muted from the tribe.

For the most part, we don't approach people about being off topic unless it's a frequent occurrence. We believe most people are not trying to be asshats by tagging (or shoehorning) as many tribes as possible.

Since you asked, I figured I should let you know some of what STEMGeeks expect when it comes to topics surrounding blockchain. Feel free to inquire more in our Discord if you have anymore questions.

That’s how understood it worked. I completely agree and have no issues with those general guidelines. Thank You.

Preface: I am one of the people who has control over meow's vote. My answer might be biased.

It depends. Most things related to programming I'd say no, including the stuff that you've posted. If its programming directly related to financial stuff(ex algorithms for detecting optimal buying/selling points, seeing how your cryptos are doing) then its fine, but a lot of your stuff just seems a bit more general. Not everything fits well in certain communities and I just see this as not being the right fit here.

I understand that there is clearly differences of opinion wether they fit or not. That's why I tried to explain why I believe they may fit. But I also respect opposing points of view.

As someone who has control over meowcurator, how would you explain that all of the %100 downvotes by this account were on my posts? Does that mean I have been the only violator of meow's criteria of posting on Leo?

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I only see your posts in my feed - didn't even realize they were on leo

I thought Leo was for finance stuff. Not that programming isn't finance adjacent, but everything could be. My lunch is portable, my thermos is durable... Leo post of my lunch!

Good idea posting to ask about it. Be interesting to see what some of the Leo voices have to say

I have mainly been posting on Leofinance for a while. In my understanding programming has big role in finance, especially in crypto. I find this connection interesting. Yes, it will be interesting to hear other points of view.

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Looks like you put this in about seven different tribes. Does it make sense to ask question about LEO, and put it in STEM? Nope. This isn't an article about programming specifically. It's an article about what goes where and why. I suggest many of you try harder and learn to stay on point.

I dunno. Shrugs.

People are placing personal blogs wherever they can fit them, then mention LEO and money a couple times, and apparently that's supposed to qualify. Saw a big Hive bashing post the other day, the at the bottom it turned into brownnosing LEO and CUB, which makes those two products look bad.

I don't know. It's not up to me. I visit some of these communities and all I see is praise for the communities. No real content. Just filler. Comes across as fake testimonials. Super annoying when you're a consumer and looking for a specific topic.

For the most part it seems people want to extract as much money as possible from each post.

I dunno. It's not up to me what people do.

Do you know or do you not know? Make up your mind. :)

While the motivation of the post was based on a specific event related to Leo, the question is put in general. Place of programming in finance can also be relevant to STEM. Why not?

I wouldn't mind putting in more tribes if they there is relevant place for them, and if they are welcome, and if front-ends allow it. It helps with discoverability and participation in these economies.

Maybe it is a bad habit and shouldn't be done. To quote you - "I don't know".

Not everybody has your creative writing skillz to stay on point. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try.

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I don't know, because I know my opinion will have very little impact on how creators and curators go about doing their business.

When I'm filling the role of consumer, these things annoy me. If the store is a mess, the customers leave. People are putting milk in the beer cooler. How am I supposed to get drunk off milk? I drive all this way. Had a long day. I just want some beer. What the hell is this milk doing here? And where's the beer? Do I have to drive to the other store now? No wonder I drink...

I don't want to be a harsh critic. As a human, I respect you, you're very smart.

The early days of Tribes taught us a lot. People would mention tiny tidbits of everything they could think of, create a scrambled post, then scatter it all over the place, thinking they'd get rich. Then the Tribes began to crack down and get rid of some of the riffraff.

If I'm flipping through a STEM magazine, that's all I want to see. I can pick up the finance magazine. Okay there's a picture of a kitty and someone made a good trade. That's two minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Maybe I'm just grumpy today.

I don't know.

You make perfect sense. You present ideas, problems, and solutions to problems in an entertaining and educational manner that is easy to understand.

There was time I didn't use tribes front-ends or tribe tags at all. The reason I started using them was because of a simple idea of participating on Hive and people's recommendations. I started using neoxian, because I would interact with the community on discord. Then someone commented on one of my posts that it may be good fit on STEM. Then I started using that. Then someone else told me on Twitter to try Leofinance. I started using Leo. Then I saw CTP, etc.

I wouldn't want to participate if my content wasn't welcome in such spaces. In my view, I am just trying to participate and contribute. Not adding a tag is easier than adding.

What you describe makes perfect sense, and one day that probably will be the case and you will find your beer when you need it. That will require user-base growth on Hive and in the communities. With more onboarding and user-base growth, what may seem irrelevant will probably be sorted out of the view.

I know these things snowball, and sometimes one post can fit into many categories. But the creators with scrambled posts are not doing themselves any favors by creating a consumer nightmare. The Tribes exist and part of the reason is to increase exposure, plus make content easier to find. Turn the consumers away and the tribes become pointless. Then the tokens have to depend on tricks and gimmicks rather than consumers purchasing them in order to support quality work. The only way they seem to be driving traffic to their sites is by penalizing creators for not using their editors.

I've posted five times this year. Mostly I'm wandering the halls (just like I did in highschool) looking for something interesting to do. Find posts, enjoy conversations. I'm also a paying consumer. If the magazine is a mess, I see no reason to purchase tokens so I can stake them, then support. The ongoing trend is these magazines are often a mess. When a new one pops up I assume it'll be more of the same. And it's not the platform's fault it's a mess. The contributors are making it. I'm not going to spend money on something that only causes me to pull me hair out. Look how much pride goes into publishing actual paper magazines. That's what I expect as a paying consumer.

So people can wait for people to show up, then get their act together; or people can get their act together and give people a reason to show up.

I don't know.

Yes, programming has a big role in finance and crypto, but a script for claiming discounted accounts are not necessarily related to finance nor LEO.

To be able to transact in crypto finance you need accounts which are also wallets. In the example of Hive, accounts come with unique ownership of the accounts and wallets. Exploring how these wallets are claimed or created I thought would be related to finance.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Let's do a thought exercise, every post in HIVE or LEO rewards the author and curators with crypto currency, so every post is inherently related to finance and crypto and I should be able to post anything on LEO Finance. As you can see at that point Leo Finance virtually becomes no different than Hive. So, why are we here and not on Hive?

You are completely ignoring the content and the topic by this thought exercise. Relevance of the content is what we are talking about. Do you not agree that crypto wallet has place in finance and crypto category?

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Then, should I post a picture of a calculator on Leo Finance? After all, calculators have a place in finance. Crypto Wallets might be relevant to finance and crypto, but your post was much more relevant to Hive compared to finance and crypto.

lol, I didn’t realize they were that bad.

FWIW, I’ve given up caring about getting downvoted.

It’s going to happen, for “valid” reasons or not. There was a time of about two months straight when every post I did got downvoted because I get upvotes from SBI bots. And a roughly six week period when every post of mine got downvoted by haejin and his alt account.

Shit happens. Life goes on.

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I am not worried about it. I thought it was an interesting topic to talk about and see what others think.
In my blogging I follow a simple motto - "I just want to put some positive stuff out there. If it works, great. If it doesn't, no problem."
Thank You.

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I like to use different tribes for different things

i use hive/peakd for like my random daily journal stuff -

trying to get my dev/programming going and thought proofofbrain made a better match for that topic

but you are right that the new world of finance is about 'programmable money' so dev stuff should work over on leo tribe

i've seen your articles (good stuff by the way) and they are mostly blockchain / finance programming related -
so maybe @meowcurator should just go suck an eggg or something ???

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Thank You.

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They have upvoted my posts too. I wouldn't want to engage in drama. Just thought this might be an interesting topic to discuss and see different points of view.

Just because you disagree with someone doesn't mean they have a low IQ. Learn to argue.


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I'm good on other communities.
I might have an idea about your mental capabilities, but I'm not one to judge you. That aside, I don't like to proclaim things about people I don't know.

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