Happy Birthday Hive!

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It seems it has been so long since long, but it has only been one year since something amazing happened. Contender to decentralize the web - Hive was born. The story of Hive will be told and repeated many times years to come. Founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin likes to talk about the story of Hive whenever he tries to make a point of the power and strength of a decentralized community.

It has only been a year, but already we can see thriving communities, apps, games continuing to build and contribute to decentralized future. If I were from the future, I would probably come back with this message - "All decentralized apps, games, communities and websites lead to Hive." That is a very ambitious statement. But the goals Hive have aren't any less ambitious. We are not just social blogging or networking platform. We are here to show the world what is possible with decentralized solutions. We are here to show there are better alternatives to the traditional web, social media, and gaming that is controlled by few big tech giants.

Hive is a hope. A hope for a better future for all users and participants of the digital world. A hope for artists, writers, traders, investors, teachers, students, and people from all walks of like from all over the world. This hope is already a reality with vibrant communities, skillful developers, creative thinkers who made Hive home. Hive has a potential and capabilities of not only taking over the hearts and minds of the digital world participants but also making impact in the real world.

It gives a power of ownership of online presence to all, which traditionally wasn't even possible. Not only the ownership of account, but also the assets, content, engagements, and actions individuals take online. Many of these networking also translates into long lasting personal and business relationship and friendships among many even beyond digital life.

While already so many things are accomplished within a year, many more goals remain to be achieved, many more bridges remain to be built, many more participants remain to be onboarded. Decentralization doesn't happen in a day or in a year. It is a journey and it is great to be part of it.

Happy Birthday Hive!

Happy Birthday Hive People!

Let's make the second year even better!

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Very well said.

Disclaimer: I prefer to curate posts like this one, instead of trying to write my own view. Not because I don't have one, but because I am a bit lazy... I'm an engineer 🤣 and I prefer to validate other's opinions on my own views.

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If I look at all thats happened in the last 12 months its crazy to think its only been a year, I feel like we've been through so much arealdy

You've basically said it all. Hive expands beyond a social network. As for me, I see it as a learning Curve from everything crypto and everything blockchain. Without hive many people here wouldn't have had the crypto exposure they basically got. We would see more utility for hive in the future.

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12 months a lot has happened. But I feel like more has happening so far in 2021 and perhaps late 2020 that really has taken hive to the next level. Real projects are just now being started, launched and profitable. I feel like LEOFinance is headstrong in that area while Hive still seems to be kicking things around a bit trying to figure out what the next move is. Just hoping we see action instead of a bunch of talking so lets crush year two!

I've been here just under three months and overwhelmed with the engagement, activities and creative minds behind this community.

I agree that Hive is a hope. A place of boundless potentials and possiblities for all!

Happy 1st birthday Hive!

Wow its been a year already? Crazy beginings but it turned into something awesome. Happy birthday Hive and all its authors!

With a lot of development in one year, I believe Hive will trancend. Happy Hiversary!


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Time passes so fast...

I'm so grateful to Hive because Hive made a better community in this day.

Hive been a year is like been a decade for me with the experience have met on the platform. More great thing to come

I'm still learning the Hive, and did not know it's Hive's birthday. Congratulations to all!

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Yes hive is a hope. Recently i read an article on hive which claims that the mainstream sports-tech investors are considering #hive blockchain as replacement to google adsense or other content monetization options for their portfolio companies in content creation