What content to publish on STEMGeeks using the STEM tag?

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STEMGeeks is a community about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math commonly referred to as STEM.

STEM contains a very wide scope of topics that are a great fit for the STEMGeeks community. Some of these topics include:

  • Science
  • Space Exploration
  • Gadgets
  • Technology Innovations
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Programming & Development
  • Mathematics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Maker (i.e. Raspberry Pi & Arduino)
  • 3D Printing
  • Mobile Phone Technology
  • Medical Advances
  • Robotics
  • Computing

I find it is very common that the S (Science) in STEM is the primary focus. I myself tend to focus on the T (Technology) but enjoy the others as well. The purpose of this community is feature topics from all four fields of STEM. More importantly, from professionals and amateurs alike.

Build a new PC? Take pictures, explain how you did it. This is fantastic content for STEMGeeks.

Want to talk about making Apps for the new iPhone? Have at it!

STEM reaches a very wide audience and topics, don't forget to use the STEM tag when it fits.

The main idea of STEMGeeks is to provide technology & science-focused community with a niche wide enough you could live here but not wide enough to see $100 cat photos.

What doesn't fit in STEMGeeks

  • Technical Analysis
  • Price Analysis
  • Crypto
  • Steem Development
  • Copy Paste content regardless of the topic
  • Stolen content regardless of the topic
  • Single image posts of any topic
  • STEMGeeks & STEM Token
  • Harassment and toxicity

A few of these need a little more explaining.

While Technical analysis and price analysis involve math, it really isn't about math. These topics are better suited for other communities like @steem.leo.

While crypto is technology, talking about tokens it is not. If you want to post about new technology in the crypto field and uses of crypto technology, awesome!. If you just want to talk about Bitcoin and Ethereum and other token focused discussions, there are better-suited communities for that.

Steem development certainly does fit in STEM and it's not something I don't want to completely discourage, but we do want to keep it to a minimum. The reason behind this is Steem Development is not mainstream, and is more focused on the Steem community and better served by @utopian-io. I am not going to ask anyone not to post about their Steem development, just please focus more on the development and technology aspects and less about code changes for Steem. Check out @utopian-io if you want to be rewarded for your awesome Steem related content.

Copy/Paste and plagiarism has no place in STEMGeeks. This includes just dropping a link to a YouTube video regardless if it is about STEM content. Repeated attempts at doing this will result in the removal of STEM rewards and potentially being muted from the community. Be original, don't steal other people's work regardless if it is public domain or not.

While STEMGeeks is obviously related, it really isn't about STEM and more about the community. I am not opposed to some talk about STEMGeeks but please don't post exclusively about STEMGeeks using the STEM tag. We want to talk about STEM topics and not just about the community. This means posts that say "Hey I powered up STEM" or "STEM token on the market" are not good topics for this community. There is no avoiding the discussion of the token and the community, but we just don't want 100 posts a day about it just to have a reason to use the STEM tag.

Please be civil with each other, banter is fine but this is a community about sharing people's passions and not kicking and screaming.

Tags that are not allowed on STEMGeeks

We are currently filtering any posts from the following tags:

  • actifit
  • dlike
  • share2steem
  • steemhunt

99% of the time the use of these dApps do not fit in the spirt of the STEMGeeks. Rather than repeatedly explaining to people this is not STEM-related, I have decided to mute the tags from showing up in the community and being eligible for STEM token distribution.