APPLIED TECHNOLOGY// Uses of enzymes for the reduction of contamination levels in the paper industry

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Dear friends from the @project.hope community passionate about content of technological interest. In this opportunity, we will be addressing one of the advances with many projections in the paper industry, which is undoubtedly one of the main responsible for the cutting of trees and therefore the deforestation of forests.

In this sense, these lines of writing will guide them in the study of the enzyme xylanases extremophiles , whose discoveries at the hands of researchers Center for Scientific Research Councils and the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology, in collaboration with countries like Spain, France and Portugal, among others, have managed to apply computer methods that allowed them to find this super-enzyme.

Fig. 2. Computer systems have enabled considerable progress in the scientific field. Author:OpenClipart-Vectors

It has the capacity to accelerate the chemical processes related to the whitening of paper and because it is a substance of vegetable origin, it drastically reduces the use of chemical substances that produce contamination of our environment.

Chemically the enzymatic activity is developed under specific conditions, and because it is of a protein nature when sudden variations in the pH or temperature of the system occur, the enzymatic activity is stopped either by inactivation or by denaturation. In the case of xylanases, is able to function at alkaline pH, above 10 and enzyme temperatures of 90°C which makes it so attractive and dynamic for implementation in the paper industry.

Fig. 3. Paper bleaching can now be carried out without the implementation of chemicals. Author: pxhere

At the level of living beings, these substances are responsible for catalyzing the hydrolysis of xylan, a compound that together with lignin and cellulose constitute the cell walls of plant species. Therefore, the xylanases extremophiles is in charge of eliminating the mentioned one so that it allows the obtaining of pure cellulose ideal in the obtaining of the paper with high quality and hardness without necessity of using chemical compounds for such task.

Fig. 4. Structural representation of pure cellulose. Author: Own work

Another practical applicability of the enzyme with industrial projections, is attributed to the fact that it is used to obtain fodder species, coffee, vegetable oil, clarification of pasteurized juices, among others. Similarly, the rice industry projects it as a substance that allows the degradation of residues obtained in post-harvest seasons in order to avoid burning them and therefore increasing environmental problems.

Thank you for taking the time to read my publication, see you in the next issue. Don't forget to leave your opinion in the comments section.


[1] Oliart, R. Manresa, Á. Sánchez M. (2016). Utilization of microorganisms from extreme environments and their products in biotechnological development. Biotecnología y Ciencias Agropecuarias ISSN 2007-7521. 11(1): 79-90. Article: Online Access


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Hello friend, interesting publication. The truth is interesting how we can appreciate all this not only in our body but also in certain materials that we use almost daily. The truth is that biochemistry is somewhat complicated, I remember that when I saw it in the university it was a little difficult but nevertheless I understood it. Thank you for sharing it. Greetings!

Greetings @franyeligonzalez, first of all thank you for leaving your comment. What is surprising about all this is the capacity that nature and living species have for a process that allows the restoration and metabolic dynamism, in this particular, enzymes are substances surprising products of the function they fulfill in our organisms.

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Greetings friend @madridbg

In the case of xylanases, is able to function at alkaline pH, above 10 and enzyme temperatures of 90°C which makes it so attractive and dynamic for implementation in the paper industry.

Without a doubt, this is a tremendous advantage when it comes to outlining technological processes aimed at reducing pollution levels in the paper industry. Thank you for socializing this interesting and educational article.

Greetings my dear colleague @lupafilotaxia, without a doubt the conditions in which this enzyme can work is surprising, knowing that due to its protein nature they must work under optimal parameters that guarantee their specificity. Thank you for leaving your comment.

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