Guess the producer of the "50 Million Block" and win HIVES

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Our blockchain will soon reach 50 000 000 blocks

In less than an hour (at the time of writing), the Hive blockchain will hit 50 million blocks.

You can see the production in real-time on this page made by @arcange:

Let's have some fun with a quick contest

We are offering 50 HIVEs to be shared among anyone who correctly guesses which witness will produce block number 50000000. It can be one of the top 20 witnesses or a backup witness.

Write your guess in a comment on this post :


Be careful: write
only ONE witness name
! No text before, no text after!

  • One comment per user. Writing multiple comments or editing your comment will disqualify you from the contest.
  • Do not forget to replace @witnessname with the witness who you believe will be the block producer.
  • Write your comment before block 49 999 900, i.e. 5 minutes before block 50 000 000 will be produced.

PS: Sorry for those who were sleeping or offline when we started this contest. The idea came to mind a bit late.

Good luck!

The HiveBuzz Team


  • Congratulations to @roelandp for signing block 50000000 🎉🎉🎉
  • Congratulations to @soniabalzan for guessing correctly. You won! 🎉🎉🎉

HiveBuzz is a project created by @arcange


Well done. Congratulations!

Oh, my goodness!

First time I win something at Hive...!

Thank you! You guys are awesome! Grateful!

Our pleasure @soniabalzan
We wish you all the best for 2021! Have a Happy New Year ✨🥂✨

Congratulations 🎉


Gee! We've arrived late to the guessing! 😅
Congrats to @roelandp and @soniabalzan!

Yeah, we initiated the contest a bit late.
But we didn't want to miss the opportunity to have some fun.
Se you at block 100 000 000 😀

Merci, bien tenté Hahaha

Sachant que :

  • Je produit 1 block/10H
  • Qu'il y a 1 block toutes les 3 secondes
  • Qu'il y a 20 blocks/min.
  • Que dans ces 20 blocks 1 est fait par un witness backup (hors top 20)
  • Qu'il restait 1 heure au moment du concours soit 60 possibilités pour un witness backup comme moi

Du coup cela laissait quelque chose comme 1/600 chance pour que ce soit moi 😅

finalement presque 3 heures plus tard j'aurais signé le block 50,003,472 😉

@mintrawa: Witness FR - Génération X - Geek 🤓 Gamer 🎮 voyageur ⛩️
Ne loupez pas le Hive Power UP Day! plus d'info ici

Sorry I missed the fun 😉 lol
Congrats to the WINNERS 🥂 CHEERS

Next time will be the good one 😊🌹
The HiveBuzz team wishes you all the best for 2021! Have a Happy New Year ✨😊✨ CHEERS! 🍻

I Will keep my eyes open and looking forward to it 😉👍
I wish you a wonderful new years eve and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎉🥂CHEERS!

Thank you for all you do and the fun you
include us in

Thank you @saffisara

BTW, the previous HiveBuzz proposal has expired today and we need your help so we can continue our work!
It would be much appreciated if you could support the proposal we made for 2021.

Happy New Year ✨🥂✨

I just did 😉👍 Thank you for sharing that and I am happy to support that.
Have a wonderful first day of 2021 🥂 CHEERS

Thank you for your unfailing support @saffisara, much appreciated! 🌹🌹🌹

Your welcome 😉
Glad I can give back 🌹
We are all here for each other. Stay Awsome and have a wonderful first day of 2021!

Congratulations @roelandp and @soniabalzan! 👏👏👏

That's easy,

It will be me, @jackmiller (witness node)

and as soon as I win the 50 Mil another earthquake will hit with my house in the bullseye of the epicenter!



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Thanks for sharing


hola hivebuzz es un curador de contenido? recien voy enpesando y me gustaria saber y aprender mas thank you

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grateful. This shows confidence in Hive. Thanks for the delegation.

I hope to see more months like this throughout the year.2021 @belloskr espero mucho contribucion