Let's grow some crystals! Day #1

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Found this old science kit today on my attic that supposedly lets you grow your own crystals. My wife bought it a couple years ago and like with so many other things, forgot it's existence.

Okay let's unbox this baby:


Nothing special inside, just some plastic containers, instructions on how to prepare three different types of crystals, how the magic works, and some magic powders that you mix with hot water to make the crystals.

Okay let's do this.




Type 1 and type 2 solution prepared


Type 3 prepared!

Now, all that is left is to place the plastic containers with the magic water somewhere warm and wait a couple of days and let those silly crystals grow!

I placed them at the top of my refrigerator which hopefully is around the 20 Celsius temperature that is advised by the instructions!


I will keep you updated!

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I've seen these sets a few times, never bought them but now you reminded me of this :)
gonna see if I can buy a set for my kid. I mean, who doesn't love crystals? Might as well grow a few right?

Follow my posts and find out if they are cool enough for your taste 😍😂

I will :) I checked to see if there was a set I could order but most were unavailable so I decided to leave it for now. Will check your posts instead to see if it's worth it :)

I did a bunch of those as a kid. Even went to several quartz mines in Pennsylvania to mine quartz crystals. It was an awesome time. Good luck

Waiting for the outcome.

What could be the ingredient of the magic eater? Just curious

are you making crystal meth again ? :)))


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It's funny it says it's ages 14 and up.

I remember stuff like this was sold in the elementary school's convenience store when I was a kid.

Dang, I am 5

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I remember these when I was younger, but at that time I had no interest in crystals. Did it say what the ingredients are? I know salt crystals can grow quite fast, but making your own aquamarine or quartz seems a little fantastical.

I want a cryst-owls kit

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