STEMGEEKS one of my Favorite DApps (Come Join & Earn!)

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Can you earn money by simply posting?

Is it free?

To these 2 questions and many more, i am gonna answer right away. In this post, i am gonna present to you one of my favorites DApps out there. As the title suggests it's called STEMGEEKS


Some of you may be already familiar with this community/tribe/DApp and others don't but i am here for every single one of you out there. In this post, i am gonna tell you everything i know and believe about StemGeeks, covering the following:

What StemGeeks is

People behind StemGeeks

How to Join for Free

What Content can you Write

Ways to Earn Money from it

Why STEM tokens are a good investment

What Potentials does it Have?

What StemGeeks is


StemGeeks as the name suggests is a Stem decentralized community built on the Hive blockchain. In other words, it's a community of scientists or science enthusiasts!

Whether you like, physics, math, astronomy or even the animal kingdom then this is your go-to place! Wanna learn about cold fusion? @scholaris made a post about it!

Maybe you are a math guy! @dkmathstats has a post about Rhombus Properties! If you are a weirdo like me and wanna learn whether alligators can regrow their tail...i got you covered!

People behind StemGeeks

I believe that knowing whos behind each project, community, company or basically anything helps a lot.It casts aside that feeling of uncertainty and can evenmotivate us or make us believe more in the project and its success!

To begin with, we got the community account @stemgeeks which is basically the account that we follow for any related updates and developments regarding the token and the community! Now as far as the people behind that community we got:

@themarkymark ADMIN

He is one of the top witnesses we got in here. A firm believer of the platform that fights plagiarism, had organized Hackathons, created @poshbot among other things. You can read more info about what he has offered here

@inertia MOD
@enforcer48 MOD
@abh12345.stem MOD

Each and every one of the mods, except the fact that they are quite active, they also are firm supporters of science and have previous knowledge in positions like this. They also are pro interaction and organize many initiatives to support that goal!

How to Join for Free

There are 2 different categories of people here. The first one is the already existing members of Hive and the second one is the complete newbies that may see this post somewhere on the internet!

If you are an already existing member and have Hive account, simply go in this address, click login with your account, and you re done, simple as that!

Now if you are a newbie then you might have seen this post either from Hive, StemGeeks or another interface. Simply click sign up and you may be redirected to one of the 2 links or Hiveonboard that you can see below as well!


or this


If it is the first, choose whatever feels more comfortable and generally speaking follow the process. The important thing that you have to keep in mind is to store your keys at a safe place and you are good to enter into the world of science!

That's the interface you suppose to see after the login for both the existing members of Hive and the newbies!


On the left page, you can see some of the general categories or tags, in the middle the top trending posts, the author, and the payouts! On the right corner, you can see some announcements and updates as well as the additional economic type of info regarding the token.

I will analyze everything further don't worry

What Content can you Write

So let's assume that you have now joined the community and you are ready to write your first post but you don't know what is allowed and what isn't. I can and i will present you a link by the community account that solves that riddle! content to write

In case you are bored to click it , you can basically write anything relevant to science, but for whatever you post, you have to provide the links of the articles, studies, and images you used to create your post! I strongly suggest though to click on the link above and read it

Ways to Earn Money from it

There are quite some ways to earn money in STEMGeeks community and because i am too awesome i am gonna present them all, hopefully, i don't miss anything!

Earning by Creating Content

To begin with, StemGeeks community has its own token STEM which is worth close to 0.03 cents. Each time you write a post and other people are upvoting it (upvote=like), depending on their voting power percentage and staked amount you get some STEM

At the same time though you also earn Hive which worths around 0,13 cents. In case you are wondering how, imagine Hive like the mother (first layer). Every other Dapp is built on it (second layer), so your post will be in 2 different interfaces and will start earning 1 token and one coin from scratch! How cool is that?

Earning by Commenting & Curating

This is quite simple. You read another post you like and you make a relevant comment, something that you might have in your Facebook/Instagram or Twitter but instead, anyone can "like" your post here.

And what we said that like equals to?

Like=Upvote in other words Upvote=money!

I have earned countless times only by commenting on others people's posts! One time i even earned 10$ worth of Hive from a single comment!

Earning by Investing

You can invest and buy STEM tokens or STEM Miners and simply earn by upvoting others people's posts. If that's not enough then when the price pumps a bit (and trust me it will), then you might sell your tokens and earn a respectable amount!

Why STEM tokens are a good investment

In case you like what you saw you can easily invest. There are many reasons as to why you should invest on STEM tokens or Miners and i am gonna tell you right away!

At first we need to clarify that we got STEM tokens and STEMM (stem miners). STEMM are worth around 20 Hive each and 99% are burned meaning only 1% remaining! To break even for your investment in STEMM you gonna need around a year, max a year and a half and after that everything is profit!

Regarding STEM, after they switched to a linear reward system everyone has a fair chance at curation reward. There is a whole post explaining how you can have from 80% to 179% APR after this implementation, check it here

Investors Breaking News

A few hours ago @sanjeevm just bought 44.5k of STEM! How cool is that? That's huge news and we thank you for that! I only have 1k stake but for now, my goal is to bring more people over the community and increase my stake to 5k!

What Potentials does it Have?

Honestly, the potentials i see are vast! If you know leo, it can easily become the leo of science. If you don't know it, imagine STEMGeeks as the number 1 scientific-related decentralized community!

Imagine that scientists can upload their studies without the fear of losing their content as it will remain forever in the blockchain and free of charge!

This post was part of an initiative by @theycallmedan and @yonilkar to highlight and show the world our favorite Dapp! More info by clicking here

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Thank you very much for the mention. I can't help but write for STEM anymore. I get to write about everything I've read about or studied. I enjoy participating in this group greatly.

i couldn't hep it, your posts are amazing! i really count the days that i have a little more free time to spent on this community!

Thank you for the compliment! I look forward to writing more every day.

Honestly, the potentials i see are vast! If you know leo, it can easily become the leo of science.

I even believe, it can surpass all other dapps on hive - because science is a much vast area than finance. And if we can take this dapp to schools / universities, this place will be flooded with content creators. And once an opportunity is there for learning from content we will see huge traffic coming in.

Hopefully, we will have better features soon and most likely a mobile app as well. We should also do a light sign up like Leo did ,where people do not need to store any of their hive credentials till they get hands on the platform.

i totally agree with everything! such huge potential! Imagine scientists that can store and post their studies here, both earning money that way as well as have free storage space! Also, if this goes extremely well we can also fund scientists to conduct a study! how cool is that!

Hey , can I know if STEM Miner or STEMM is profitable ? I just bought 1 and am thinking of buying more , any suggestion ?

At first we need to clarify that we got STEM tokens and STEMM (stem miners). STEMM are worth around 20 Hive each and 99% are burned meaning only 1% remaining! To break even for your investment in STEMM you gonna need around a year, max a year and a half and after that everything is profit!

That's the case right now! you can also buy STEM and do some curation, or even make some posts, that's another and more faster way to be profitable

Yeah I recently became active there and really see myself comfortable in that community . One of my recent posts just got 110 STEM upvote so thinking about posting more .