Is the STEM burning for Author rewards decreasing ? - Would you like to see 75% burn for non-native posts?

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So today @stemgeeks account posted the burn report for this week . I thought of creating this post to let you know whether the burning has decreased or increased or has remained stable.

Jan 4th Burning report


A good amount of STEM burned for promotion compared to other weeks ( See December burning report to know more)

The 50% Author rewards burned is too high to be honest , I have been telling it for a while now , you can earn 100% STEM from your post if you post from front-end. If you don't know about this , I have already made a post related to that.

Jan 11th Burning report


Now this is better compared to the previous one with respect to 50% author rewards burned because it is close to 2000 STEM rather than 2500 STEM which had become usual . That is a good change :)

Still I am not satisfied with 10 STEM for promotion I think there is a scope for improvement there . Why don't you use the less competitiveness as your advantage and make your post more visible to others?

Jan 18th Burning report


Now this is yesterday's report . For the first time ( since I have started posting and seeing the burn report) I have seen 50% Author Rewards burned less than 2000 STEM :)

Again a very minuscule amount of STEM burned for promotion , only 2 .

50% Author Rewards burning pattern - JAN


Well we can see that it is dropping now and I hope it continues to drop in future :)

So after looking at these reports, the question is , would you like to see 75% burn for non-native posts ? Answer in comments.



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Don't see a problem not using stem means not earning stem. Burn 75%

Frankly speaking, that will be too much i.e. 75% posting via different UI. It could have an adverse effect also; so we need to think about that as well. It should be rather an incremental approach i.e. 10% increase; see that the number of posts that we get via different UI doesn't decrease drastically. cheers

Love the token burn mechanics.. burning the right way is the way to go. Go STEM Go.. cheers