DECEMBER STEM Burning by @stemgeeks - Why the authors are wasting STEM ?

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Good morning to everyone , I hope you are having a good day .
This post will give you an insight of STEM burning in the month of December 2020.

To begin with , is a community under Hive Blockchain which focuses on Science , Technology , Engineering and Mathematics .

Founder is @themarkymark.

Let's see the numbers -

December 6


50% author reward burning takes a lion share just like in later weeks too.

The curation reward for @stemgeeks account is just amazing .

December 13


The Curation rewards is less compared to the 6th December burn . Author rewards is exactly the same . STEM burned for promotion is 9 ( which is the highest for December ) but still it is too less.

December 21


Although 50% Author rewards hasn't decreased , the curation reward has increased almost 2x . On the other hand , no STEM has been burned for promotion at all in this week.

December 28


Similar pattern , nothing unusual.

STEM Burned for promotion

Well it is pretty clear not a lot of authors are burning the STEM for promoting their posts . I think this is a mistake because well I will promote this post for just 1 STEM and make it visible to lot of users than not promoting it . I say promoting the posts makes sense because of lack of competition right now , get your posts good visibility by burning a minuscule amount of STEM , it is an opportunity utilize it.

50% Author rewards burned

You will get 100% author rewards only if you post it from the front end otherwise you will get 50% author rewards . Read more about it here


Well if we look at this chart , we can easily say that lot of authors are losing their STEM just by posting from other front-ends . The sad part is the trend isn't decreasing week by week . I think more awareness is needed on this part .

Total amount of STEM burnt this way in December alone , as you can see , is over 10,000 STEM which is 2000 HIVE at current price = 0.112$ * 2000 = 224$ .

But on the bright side , if the supply is low , it is good for the coin :)

Note: All the data is retrieved from the posts by the official account - @stemgeeks, the charts are created by me.

Interested in seeing more data and charts ?

Well here is the recent one for INDEX token -

This is for @lbi-token -

I love charts too :)

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MR .

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I see a lot of overlap with leofinance and stemgeeks - I think people would rather take the leofinance 'bonus' for posting using their frontend and lose out here. I've not done the math, but the leovoter (I think) account has a fair amount of HP and LEO, and I suspect that this outweighs 'losing' 50% of author rewards here.

That is a valid case and you also get the tag hunters who don't post from a particular front end but use as many tags as they think they can get away with from the one they do use. I find that a little annoying

Absolutely . This is one of the best ways to keep them out of here - the other being downvoting.

Yeah, I do that a fair bit. Otherwise it all descends into chaos

Which method do you prefer though ? Having a curating account to upvote those who post from our Front-End or punishing with 50% cut for those who doesn't use our Front-End?

Do Marky pin some kind of message for this penalty?
I guess they are happy to remove the supply.

 2 years ago 

A few posts were made, the community was polled and I brought it up a few times in discord.

This burn penalty is win win in both cases. One who is using it , means bringing traffic and a dedicated user (sort of). One who is not using is providing content with burn mechanism.

Absolutely but since all the other tribes isn't following this method , we should inform the users of STEMGeeks now and then .

Leo do not put this penalty in comments and I think neoxian also has same penalty.

leo has 10% penalty

Well I saw the message from the burn report posted by @stemgeeks and then couple of my comments posted from other Front-ends didn't receive full payouts . That is how I came to know about it.

But yeah now I am just trying to create awareness about it .

STEM is very specific community ...