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RE: Building My Solar Kit

in #california2 years ago

That's super cool ! Did you consider renting tesla solar panels ?

But the biggest takeway is

USB 3.0 port for my golf cart

You own a golf cart ?

 2 years ago 

I'm going for direct productivity rather than a full "off-the-grid" solution.

Regarding my golf cart, yep. Most people in my community have one. There's a golf course nearby, but most people here don't golf even though they have a golf cart. We can even go to the grocery without driving on the main road because there are a few gates that lead to the nearby parking lot. There's a hardware store in the same lot too.

Is it street legal?

 2 years ago 

Nope. Our gated community is just adjacent to a strip mall's parking lot.

Ah thats nice. How much are they?

Nice golf cart sir.