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RE: The Way of the Tao

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Hey! Thank you :)

Yes & No! Taoism is a philosophy for me and many others ;)
But it's from chinese spirituality - which is kinda like old religion, but only kinda..I see spirituality as decentralized movement, while religion mostly tried to centralize a Sovereignty of interpretation..^^

You might also be interested in Stoicism, which has many parallels but came from old greek philosophy - I guess I'll also write about it soon

I'm really interested in these philosophies especially cuz they're really old and simultaneously very similar to insights by modern science. :)


@sherylneil Let's call it a way of life / an approach to life, as - opposed to ( most ) religions - there's nobody preaching it and it's not about trying to convert people, the main idea is to make life easier and live in a way that's more in harmony and closer to ( our inner ) nature.