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RE: PoB - first post and How to use your Voting Power

in Proof of Brain2 years ago

I am new to Hive (just over 2 months). I am slowly learning the 'rules' of the Hive community.

Maybe we should have a set of 'rules' similar to the DHF proposals where folks can vote for which rules they agree with and downvote the ones they don't (and abstain from those they don't care about). And maybe we need to be able to sort that list two ways, one stake-weighted and one with every vote equally-weighted. And maybe we could also filter it based on which account is active in a particular community.

Ultimately it is up to each person to follow their own internal compass, but it's good to know the 'community rules' up front so that a newbie doesn't inadvertently violate some sacred taboo (does self-voting fit into that category?).

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I so agree with you.