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A new tribe even I have a good feeling

PoB - another tribe, another token? Pfff you might say - I just stumbled over that one and it is quite new that I have the gut feel that this PoB tribe could be different. While we have great tribes on the Hive chain already (not naming some as that would be unfair to others) I was usually not a big fan of this tribal approach at all. Leo convinced me that indeed something can be created on that layer, the 21 cap on PoB like on BTC sounded promising for me to delegate some Hive Power there. Do not ask me why I chose them. It is mainly a feeling in my stomach - I might be wrong - but i would love to support that one in the early stages.

Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 18.45.32.png

Guide: How to maximise your Voting Power

I have not written and HowTo posts on the chain since ages in this particular case I just wanted to raise a thing maybe some folks are not aware of or not using. Pretty sure most that use the tag or use the front end are folks that usually post, interact and vote on the Hive.blog or Peakd interface. Talking about me I vote and curate a lot so my Hive Voting Power is usually between 50-60%. To maximize the effort of voting PoB posts I suggest the following:

  • Go to https://leodex.io/rewards and set your vote weight multiplier as necessary.
  • Vote PoB posts then via Peakd or Hive.blog with the reflecting %

Why? Well just an example. If I would a post directly via the proofofbrain interact with 100% it gives a value of around 8 PoB but I lose a 100% vote on the Hive chain, if you want to vote with 10% on the proofofbrain interace you give a 0.8 PoB value in my case. If you vote the post via the Hive / Peaks interfaces with 10% and have set a multiplier of "10" you lose only 10% Power on the Hive chain but give the post a boost of 100% (10x10=100) on PoB so in my case 8 PoB.

If you are not aware on how to use the vote weight multiplier please have a read here from a pretty good guide by @scooter 77 - it is quite easy:


That is it for now - here is to a good future of PoB.

Source entry photo (free of use) via Pexels: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-head-bust-print-artwork-724994/

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Thanks for the rundown @uwelang and the example you provided. I'm new to the ecosystem mostly engaging via the two most common interfaces PeakD and Hive.blog. Understanding how the vote weight multiplier works is very valuable. Thx for sharing the link to scooter77's guide.

Remove your self vote. That's suddenly not cool around here.

Since when is that not cool anymore?

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I am new to Hive (just over 2 months). I am slowly learning the 'rules' of the Hive community.

Maybe we should have a set of 'rules' similar to the DHF proposals where folks can vote for which rules they agree with and downvote the ones they don't (and abstain from those they don't care about). And maybe we need to be able to sort that list two ways, one stake-weighted and one with every vote equally-weighted. And maybe we could also filter it based on which account is active in a particular community.

Ultimately it is up to each person to follow their own internal compass, but it's good to know the 'community rules' up front so that a newbie doesn't inadvertently violate some sacred taboo (does self-voting fit into that category?).

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I so agree with you.

I spent several hours last week writing a post for a 'development fund' idea that I had. I ran it by someone (with a long and deep history with Steem and Hive) to get some feedback before posting it and found out that it violates one of the fundamental "THOU SHALT NOTs" that I did not know about -- 'comment farming'.

That's a shame, because what I was proposing would've created a more decentralized approach to funding new development ideas, and would've made it easier for whales using auto-voting bots to focus their curation towards development ideas rather than muddying up the manual-curation waters (something I've written about here and here).

I might still propose the idea, but I will have to craft it as a two-fold proposal -- one to change the outright ban on 'comment farming' for a more nuanced approach and one to explain my original proposal-funding idea.

The 'rules of the community' idea I presented here could address this issue as well. For that matter, we should allow new tribes to establish their own rules such that if someone posts something exclusive to that tribe, it should only be evaluated and adjudicated based on the rules of that tribe -- that is the true spirit of decentralization (imho).

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This is great and welcome! I ha e been setting the multiplier but then using this interface and not getting it to work, did not realise you had to use peak or hive and coukd not use POB!

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Thanks for pointing this out @uwelang. I exclusively use the POB front-end so I don't need to worry about it so much now, but down the line, I'll probably explore some other communities.

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That is interesting, given PoB is new did you just join Hive? Think Dinosaurs like me are probably handling / curating 10-20 communities / tribes without even knowing - it can be complicated here to cover all best practices. I have so many different things to curate so i am more than happy at least a tool exists.

I returned to Hive almost a month ago after a long time away (I was on Steem in 2018). Instead of whizzing round in several communities and trying to stay on top of it all I just decided to focus solely on POB because it's a smaller community right now and I liked the vibe.

I can understand the struggle that people may have who've been here for a while. There is so much going on and it's easy to end up with your fingers in a bunch of pies.

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ok, cool, makes all sense now - welcome back then!

Cheers fella!

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Thanks for the advice. I did wonder how upvoting on hive worked, since people have so many different tokens. But for now I'm gonna stay with 100% and a 1 multiplier, just to keep me from getting obsessed with curating.
My vote is worth 0.066 POB and I'm not sure how curation rewards work anyway.

If there is ever a point, where I need to worry about the horrible responsibility of the huge amount of votingpower I have, I will remember this post.

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Haha, that is a good attitude indeed - we will see how this develops. Think the longer you are here the more you think, analyse and plan - no idea if that is totally useless though.

Crazy having penalties for voting and puts me off as I am not logging into multiple interfaces to curate.

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I see what you guys mean with penalties - well the nature of these tribes when you do not create accounts per tribe as many did - I think this Leo tool is finally helping to not lose a lot HP while still being able to curate also tribe stuff.

I agree the Leo vote multiplying tool really does help and allows me to vote using one account and not having a bunch of alts.

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Just to add - I curate tons on Leo with a 20x weight set - if I would do with usual HP I would be below 10% voting power on Hive, with the tool I am still over 50% HP voting power. No ideal thing but at least a helper for guys also having a real life and not tons of tribe accounts :-)

Another one with penalties? Man... I know people have their reasons and it's their product to do as they want. But the simple act of consuming and wanting to support good stuff; it's turning into a nightmare. Imagine tipping the servers, only to realize you handed them nothing, and it was all a dream.

What penalties you are refering to? I am sitting in confused that, which is bad for me neyt Rabona match lol - enlighten me please

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I dunno. All this confusion. I just want to push a button... LOL! Or if posting, using PeakD, only to realize months later I wasn't being paid in full because I didn't use an editor in a different location. All these tribes, all these tokens, and I just want to scroll one feed that covers them all.. and push a button. But it's okay.

Right now I'm in PeakD. You're in POB. Should I got to POB to say this? Am I losing out being here on PeakD? I don't know what to do with my hands.

Not complaining. Just a very confused man struggling with himself.

Haha, got ya now. I remember many of the big folks create different acounts per tribe - i did not as I can not manage too many accounts. Was just saying this leo thing to set voting weight is helping you to keep a bit HP in case you are into curating more as the usual Hive posts too - I was running VERY low until I discovered that tool. But i get your points - i never delegated to any tribe yet, a try.

Right now I am everyhere but writing via Peakd while I should be in Rabona to prepare my next match and also should check my Splintelands tournaments while originally I have to curate my Music community - damn, a lot to manage isn't it :-)?

So much micromanaging. I didn't create alt accounts either. I just push a button. Whatever happens, happens. But it doesn't encourage me to purchase tokens for the purpose of supporting the community, because I like a lot of things, and can't be in ten places at once. I hope there's an all-in-one package solution someday. There are things here I don't even know about, and I've been around for nearly five years. Throwing in the towel. They win. I'll just push a button. And that's okay.

I hear you man! I also joined August 2016 where we only had Ned, Dan and Bernie to cover as micro communities haha.

Good point on where you can be in one time - think the young ones are smarter or have more time or simply are after options, or they program a bot to help. An all-in package would be coll for masses, however I doubt it will happen here but who knows. I am usually also a button pusher by default if i like something :-)

Well isn't that the point? To have people actually viewing, consuming, supporting when worthwhile to do so. The only way to pull that off is to have all the people in one big pen. Ask Jeff Bezos. Zuckerberg. That's what made them billionaires. Early on I thought this was supposed be the fact those billions exist, but instead of funneling into the pockets of a couple people, the value that clearly exists would be distributed among contributors of all walks of life. And not just content creators but everyone that plays a role somehow in making it all happen. It seems now we're going in the opposite direction, segregating ourselves into tiny pockets, that nobody knows about.

Oh well. Still early in this game.

Good points but this (as you highlight Jeff Bezos. Zuckerberg) would mean we attract the broad masses with Hive which I think is still not the case as long as it is too complicated for the typical internet users - just saying keys. Think we are in a niche still with Hive and the tribes even more niche - i however would love to attract the masses that view and consume and show support by their love click.

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I really starting to like PoB. I too am getting some good vibes about this tribe. 21 million for the entire stake??

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Welcome to the POB family, @uwelang.

Great and useful post to our community. Knowing how to use voting power efficiently is very important.