Okay, so things aren't going to plan right now...

I've had something happen which has taken my focus from a lot of things this past week, and will continue to be in place until the 10th of December, this being a site I used to claim cryptos from shutting down on the 10th of December, so I've been pretty much working hard on trying (in between doing other stuff, and when I have the energy and focus) to reach the withdrawal threshold for each of the cryptocurrencies on the site, and I'm likely not to reach the balance for all of them, but I do have only a few left, though I am also trying to earn more in some cases, because it's a good way to earn certain cryptos, plus some of the tokens/coins are worthless or close to it right now, but I feel like they'll take off over time. I would love to recommend the site to people, but I don't have time to help people to get started on the site, and I'm putting all my free time into reaching the thresholds!

This will be posted on the #StormkeeperDK outlets as well, because it affects it too, but I will say, that short of the "TfL Quotes of The Day" I'll be posting up on that Instagram account, along with very occasional posts on both StormkeeperDK and #StormkeeperGU/PU's outlets where needed (or the odd social media conversation), expect me to be virtually silent till at least the 11th of December; I will be available in urgent cases, but for the most part, expect me to not be around as much until I'm finished with the "crypto rush", and in a way, I'll be glad when it's over! I'm going to use the remainder of December (as I don't do Xmas) and occasionally in between, when the opportunity arises, I'll be taking photos, but videos and streams are very much not happening (though I will try to plan ahead for it, including gathering materials and making purchases to prepare for them) until after the 11th of December, though I may need a day or two to re-orient myself, especially with the General Election on the 12th happening, so let's provisionally say that (relatively) normal service will resume from the 15th of December.

On that note, the #Vimm stream for #Splinterlands I have planned out will be done more towards the end of the year, combining the opening of both sets of booster packs, which kinda works in my favour, because it means that I can lengthen the stream, and I can make it an "end of year" thing! Other than that, I do have some plans that are slowly going in motion across Stormhaven Media as a whole, but nothing I can reveal as of yet. I will be trying to use the time between now and when I go onto my holiday and doing the #AmigaIreland Meetup in Ireland to make preparations for when I want to get things running from February to April, but hopefully, this time round, I'll be able to get things taking off!

That's it for now though, as I need to get back to doing stuff, so I'll catch you all later on at some point... do feel free to drop me a line, but don't expect prompt responses!

I'll see you all later on.