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Hello everybody,

yesterday has started a Gamejam organized by Yoyo game after their acquisition by Opera. I don't know what the future of Game Maker studio will bring under this new leadership. I know very little about Opera having never used myself but if there's a thing that Game Maker needed is some better spread of the word as much like Hive is kinda one of the nichest game engine out there.


I found really cool idea and then myself wanted to try myself to make a better working game for Html5 so when I read about the Jam I had this idea of this hero jumping among skyscrapers, the drill is that you cannot control directly the player, you can just perform some action meanwhile he keep going until a wall is hit, at that point it start go in the other direction. I felt like this could be a nice middle ground beetwen an infinite runner and a standard platformer.


When the theme was revealed yesterday and was UFO I was stunned for a bit as I didn't expect it and it threw me off a bit and I'm still working around on how to implement this. So now it's gonna be some hot 2 weeks in wich I hope to solve the puzzle of procedural generation mixed with handcrafted gameplay. In the meanwhile have a look at the prototype! :D

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