RE: PUD - PUH - PUM - It's all about to Power Up!


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I always participate in PUD since i know it.

Tried once PUM but at the second or third day i failed, because i forgott to set to 100% and it is not possiblento change it. I made a 2nd post, but one day later again and than i was too late for a second post, after i remembered.

The problem is, that ecency do not save my last option.

Because i always powerup after few days, i never have enough hive to select Option 2, to send 1 Hive for powerup.

So my option would now be, to start next month with pum, i have to collect 30 Hive till then (no power up!) So i can use them to powerup next month every day. But i need also a service which helps me to power up every day, because i will forgett ist.