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RE: Online Shopping Rocks If You Do It Right.

in Hive Learners5 months ago

I like the fact that you stated out the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. Like the time I, my cousin and my brother order cuff links for my dad, we got what we ordered for, but, they didn't have the decency to put it in a proper box, they just wrapped it in bubble wrap and sent it over. At first when I saw it, I thought my brother had already carried it and left the trash. Thank God I asked first if not I would have thrown away what we spent money on. Them for beat me that day😂.


Lol you’re even lucky you received it in any sort of wraps. Lmao some delivery services really suck with packaging and you’d be very disappointed when you receive your package. It seems some of them completely ignore packaging(which is very important when it comes to online businesses)