Online Shopping Rocks If You Do It Right.

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If there’s one thing I like to do, it’s shopping. And I don’t mean necessarily buying stuff. I like to do different kinds of shopping depending on the shopping method. Online shopping can be for products or services both at the same time. Which is why I like Online shopping as it gives me access to options that I don’t get in a physical market.

It’s Easier and More Convenient

To shop online, I just need my phone or laptop and a stable internet connection. There’s no hustle in walking miles searching for a product like our mothers and fathers who are not tech-savvy do. Online shopping is I think one of the best things to have happened in this our civilization.

Opens up many possibilities and choices

With online shopping, you get access to more than one service at a time. If I wanted to go grab some groceries in the market, I have two options: To either order a delivery service to handle the shopping entirely and bring me my groceries themselves, or to purchase the groceries and do the pick up myself.

Aside this, I can access more than one thing at a time with online shopping, all at the comfort of my home. So let’s say it allows me to multitask.

I could be getting a haircut from a home service barbering salon while having orders from Kikuu or Jiji delivered to my doorstep without lifting a finger myself.

Now this might just be the best thing I like about online shopping

Window Shopping

Imagine if I had to pass around shops in person asking for prices of goods and not buying a single thing. This would just make me look inhumane and evil.

But thanks to Online shopping, window shopping is…even a hobby if you like, for most people, me included.

What I like to check out most of the time is phones. Every time I intended on buying a new phone, I spend weeks, maybe even months, stalking the phone online to observe the different markets, so that I can tell on average, what my budget should look like.

But all that doesn’t come for free

With online shopping, comes certain disadvantages worth taking a look at.

For every advancement in Technology, there are setbacks to how this inadvertently affects our real world business, and online shopping is no exception.

Looking at products online is never going to be the same as being present and assessing everything in person.

Online, colors may appear brighter, faults from different angles of products can be hidden by photography, and fake products can be displayed for sale. These are just a few of the ways people can get disappointed in the online market.

So it’s entirely up to you to take your time and do your due diligence before making any sort of purchase online.

When I shopped online for the first time, it was like 4 years ago on kiKuu. I was in the market looking for a pendrive, and unfortunately for me, I found what I was looking for. A 128GB pendrive for 50cedis($5). I was excited to have gotten a higher storage pendrive for so much cheaper. Why didn’t I find out about this online shopping thing earlier?

After my order was placed, weeks passed and I was starting to get suspicious of the authenticity of kiKuu’s services. I didn’t know deliver could take weeks! I got my pendrive like a month later and I realized I needed to be really cautious on my next purchase with these online markets. My pendrive was in theory, 128GB as it had 128GB written on it. But practically, it was only 20GB. I say 20GB because after it held files worth of 20GB, everything else after that would be corrupted and able to open. It took me 2 months of use to figure out this threshold but when I did, I realized I was played lol.

I also heard the story of a man who ordered for a sofa of 200cedis($20) and ended up with a model sofa. It was basically a mini-sized sofa shot in a micro photography style so it looked bigger. Most of the time when I see erikah’s micro shots before she compares it to her finger, it marvels me how realistically big things really look with macrophotography and it just makes me see how we can be tricked on the internet with shots from the right angle and lens.

Oh and should I also mention that online shopping is a completely regrettable discovery for serial spenders? Lol yeah they just can’t stop buying.

So yeah, online shopping can be a breath taking experience. Literally😂. You just need to figure out how to tell what is what and what isn’t, and you’ll absolutely love it. Give or take a few disappointments. Lol.


Online shopping is more convenient.. However, we can not be sure of the quality of the products.. Unless you'll buy in legit branded shops..

I prefer buying in physical stores to ensure the quality of the items I'll be buying

Unless you'll buy in legit branded shops..

myself, I only buy from shops friends recommend to me now. This way, I’m less likely to be cheated or sold fake products. Sometimes, I use reviews to select stores I buy from too. But that doesn’t always work because some stores just pay people to write good reviews for then.

Haha most people seem to prefer shopping physically. It seems I’m the outlier.

Sometimes, reviews are I don't rely on them too haha

Yeah. I feel like you mostly can spot paid reviews though. They’re all mostly just empty and from ghost accounts. You don’t see much activity from the accounts giving the review, and the review is mostly just shallow. Can be deceiving though so I understand why most people would much rather just stay away.

I like the fact that you stated out the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping. Like the time I, my cousin and my brother order cuff links for my dad, we got what we ordered for, but, they didn't have the decency to put it in a proper box, they just wrapped it in bubble wrap and sent it over. At first when I saw it, I thought my brother had already carried it and left the trash. Thank God I asked first if not I would have thrown away what we spent money on. Them for beat me that day😂.

Lol you’re even lucky you received it in any sort of wraps. Lmao some delivery services really suck with packaging and you’d be very disappointed when you receive your package. It seems some of them completely ignore packaging(which is very important when it comes to online businesses)


Yea, shopping online is convenient, but the fraudsters out there makes it frustrating, it would have been the best thing if not for the bad human nature of cheating, imagine in your scenario, getting 20GB instead of the 120GB you ordered for.

Yhp. But the thing is, even with physical shopping, you can still get cheated. I could walk into a physical accessory shop and still get sold that same pendrive from a store who order stuff from kiKuu to sell too. The only difference would’ve been that I probably would’ve avoided that if I took my laptop along with me to test it in the shop.

Goods seen online can be big and when it is being delivered to you, then you realize you have being played on 😅😅😅

Though both shopping has advantages and disadvantages, one has to be careful to know which is good or not. So, it takes an expert to order stuff online and not be disappointed.

I had to be cheated several times before I became an “expert” lol. I swapped phones a lot back when I was in high school, and my experience with phone dealers taught me a lot. You need to know details about whatever you plan to buy before you make the purchase so that you can easily spot fakes and knockoffs.

I can't even try buying phones online 😅😅
I'd rather go to registered company to get a good one.

If you’ve order’s something online trust me you have a story to tell.😂😂

I remember ordering for some clothes online they seem bigger even with that I still went for XL. I waited patiently for my things and when they delivered them to me, I could see the XL printed at the back buh it was very very small. I had to give it to my junior bro.

Since then anytime I’m to buy something online I always go for XXXL😂 Incase it’s too big I can always alter-ate it😂😂😂

Yeah, online shopping is very interesting, convenient and you get to window shop without any guilt of not buying.
The bad eggs are the once that has spoilt the business (scammers) they give you whaht you see is not what you get but with some reliable outlet online business is good.

Leave all this points away and see beyond the stress and time factor involved in physical shopping bro, I agree with your window shopping and others but the fact is that physical shopping gives ultimate satisfaction bro...

Have you ever experienced what you buy vs what you get?!!
Probably experiencing this multiple times will convince you bro ..

Your points are reasonable bru and I really enjoyed reading it ...

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He he...
Online shopping does comes with it's perks. But then, physical shopping also has its faults. You can also be conned in physical stores if you're not careful.
I guess nowhere is really safe.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

No doubt but the rate of encountering "what I ordered VS what I received" is incredible on some stores

Let me get this straight,you prefer online shopping despite all the bad experience you've had with it
Well for me I don't like online shopping anymore because it's expensive and am not sure of the product they are bringing for me