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RE: The Alternate Designs!

It's a creative perspective to discuss what could have been if other submitted design proposals were selected.

Although Jorn Utzon's design really stood out, thus becoming an iconic structure, I am curious to see the interior of Peter Kollar and Balthazar Korab's entry for the judges to refer to them as "Skillful Planning." The sensual experience brought on by their space planning must have been innovative.

I am relieved it wasn't the elephant that was selected in place of Arc de Triomphe, I couldn't really imagine it. Your post made me think about what design could be done for the said space if ever.


Thanks a ton @discoveringarni It is actually interesting to see what could have been built instead of what is now.
I didn't found the interiors anywhere but surely it would have been amazing. that elephant's design is out of context literally .
Thanks again :D