The Alternate Designs!

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Some buildings become the signature landmark of the country or city, one recalls the name of the city just by looking at the picture, like when you see Eiffel tower, don't you recall Paris even when you haven't been there?
That is the beauty of architecture. Do you know what were the rejected proposals for the now famous buildings, It will be hard to imagine.
Let me first go through Sydney Opera house. Budget Direct Australia teamed up with NeoMam Studios to actually generate images for the rejected proposals.

Sydney Opera House


That's how opera house looks like now i.e. this was the winning entry by Jorn Utzon. which is how we recalls Sydney and this is the landmark of Sydney . This marvellous structure
I appreciate the efforts for regenerating the rejected proposals, let me show you the images of the rejected ones

Philadelphia Collaborative Group , this submarine shaped structure took the second prize, anyways it was inspired by sea shell form which is super similar to the winning design but the use of concrete was distinctive.


Sir Eugene Goossens proposed this design, was under top 5, this was never accepted I guess the design is like some UAE historic building, this design according to me would have not suited the vibe and the tradition of the building.
But not bad.


This seems very contemporary, the design was submitted by Peter Kollar and Balthazar Korab. I actually liked it a lot. Sources said that judges even commented Skilful planning. I liked the angular roof, curvy walls. Don't know why this wasn't selected.
At the end I guess the selected one was the best, the shape is superb and so is the planning.
Next comes

Eiffel tower


These were the Eiffel tower's alternatives. the one we see today is obviously a winner. which one among the above pictures you like?

Arc De Triomphe, Paris


This was very weird and I wanted this to be included. I am sorry for being brutal but I donot like both of designs, there could be something more creative or different.
Obviously the left one is the one which is originally built and the elephant one was proposed by Charles Ribart who was 18 century's architect and he proposed a 3 stored elephant. which I am glad that it was turned down by French government.

Did you liked the alternatives? would you prefer if any of the above alternative would be built instead of what's now?

All the images have link provided underneath them.



"Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder" - this popular quote could be the very reason why the fields of architecture and design are pretty subjective. As much as all the previous proposals are not bad in their preliminary concepts, I'm just glad that they chose the current iconic buildings and structures we see today. Thank you @sahiba-rana for this awesome piece!

Hey @storiesoferni Thank you so much for appreciation and support, that quote is true, the subjective nature of architecture makes it so amazing, even I am happy with the choices made by judges at the end, all those structures are marvellous.

It's a creative perspective to discuss what could have been if other submitted design proposals were selected.

Although Jorn Utzon's design really stood out, thus becoming an iconic structure, I am curious to see the interior of Peter Kollar and Balthazar Korab's entry for the judges to refer to them as "Skillful Planning." The sensual experience brought on by their space planning must have been innovative.

I am relieved it wasn't the elephant that was selected in place of Arc de Triomphe, I couldn't really imagine it. Your post made me think about what design could be done for the said space if ever.

Thanks a ton @discoveringarni It is actually interesting to see what could have been built instead of what is now.
I didn't found the interiors anywhere but surely it would have been amazing. that elephant's design is out of context literally .
Thanks again :D

Wow this is amezing pitchers

Thanks a lot @yogeshbhatt

Great post buddy!

Thanks pal!

Thank you @aplusd

Thank you @aplusd

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Hey @diyhub thanks you. I would surely join the community :)

Architecture is a fascinating topic isn't it! As far as the Sydney Opera house is concerned I think I definitely lean toward the design as it is today. That last one is not bad, but looks a little "shabby" to me, hehe. Lovely post!


Thank you @jaynie . I too loved the opera house which is already built. I really liked that picture with the link, that's very professional. I learnt something new and cool today, thanks.

My pleasure :) and thank you too for the wonderful compliment! I should very much hope it looks professional as it was my career for (way too) many years hehe :D

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