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It is a really big statement. Though it can not be a felony soon, there are many players coming out with multi factor authentications. At present, users use a security key to sign in to their Twitter accounts, but you need to have another 2FA method like an authenticator app or SMS codes enabled as a backup. Twitter is coming out with a unique 2FA solution for its users where the Users connect the key, their browser will issue a challenge, then the key cryptographically signs the challenge and verifies your identity. I think this is just beginning.


Yeah, it’s more tongue in cheek. It will be good to see more 2FA solutions soon. Thanks for sharing!

I recently read that the car makers are also improving the technology to avoid accidents. They would provide two factor authentication if the speed of your car goes beyond a particular limit. Either through a push notification on mobile or on screens, which you need to touch and accept. Not sure how helpful is it? But definately a revolutionary thought.

I am not sure I understand the use case for this, nor would I think that would be very safe in some situations. However, it is an interesting concept.