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If you’ve used Google Mail, Microsoft Office, or an Apple device, you’ve probably come across 2-Factor-Authentication (2FA). 2FA is where you can only access your account on a trusted device or via the web.

For example, if you have an iPhone and are signing into your account for the first time on a newly purchased Mac, you would be prompted to enter your password AND a verification code that's ONLY displayed on your iPhone.

The great thing about 2FA is that it makes data more secure.

It also offers other benefits such as an increase in productivity and flexibility… lower help desk and security management costs.... and reduced fraud.

The problem is, whilst 2FA is commonplace in our personal lives, most businesses haven’t taken advantage of this amazing security tool.


Well, despite being almost mandatory on consumer devices…

Most businesses are not able to easily implement it.

And yet it is almost criminal to think that many law firms are not taking advantage of this great tool in 2021…

The alternative is to simply rely on educating employees about data security. But given 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error, it would seem prudent to take extra precautions.

And in our experience, automating this process and making it mandatory makes adoption far easier.

Implementing 2FA is a quick win and it's one of the most effective ways to protect your business from cybercrime.

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It is a really big statement. Though it can not be a felony soon, there are many players coming out with multi factor authentications. At present, users use a security key to sign in to their Twitter accounts, but you need to have another 2FA method like an authenticator app or SMS codes enabled as a backup. Twitter is coming out with a unique 2FA solution for its users where the Users connect the key, their browser will issue a challenge, then the key cryptographically signs the challenge and verifies your identity. I think this is just beginning.

Yeah, it’s more tongue in cheek. It will be good to see more 2FA solutions soon. Thanks for sharing!

I recently read that the car makers are also improving the technology to avoid accidents. They would provide two factor authentication if the speed of your car goes beyond a particular limit. Either through a push notification on mobile or on screens, which you need to touch and accept. Not sure how helpful is it? But definately a revolutionary thought.

I am not sure I understand the use case for this, nor would I think that would be very safe in some situations. However, it is an interesting concept.