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My first post in the Stock Image Community is about microscoping #biological material. As a school project in #science class, we were asked to look through the #microscope ourselves and then we were able to take pictures of it. Now I share them with you!
The first two pictures show an underwater #plant lying on the table. There you can see the individual cells and their current state. The #cells where you can only see one single dark spot had just divided a few moments ago. These are the cell nuclei with the genetic material. Some cells have several dark spots (like the one where the needle is pointing). They are preparing for division by copying their genetic material. To do this, the genetic information is taken from the nucleus and then reproduced. That's why there are more dark spots in such cells - interesting, isn't it?




The next few pictures show #mould under the microscope. Unfortunately I don't remember the exact strains; but in any case they were not harmful!






I hope you like the pictures and that one or the other can use them! Have a good day 😃
~ Christopher


i like it

i like it

What an amazing images my brother... ^_^ how small these objects, but these looks so wonderful infront of your microscope lens... Thanks a lot for sharing... 🙌🏻

And these small, incredibly beautiful objects simply make us ourselves - unbelievable!


This looks like being a very cool project, allowing you to learn quite a bunch of things. Did you use the microscope for other purposes / experiments?

Not really. We have just learnt there about "mitosis", i.e. cell division and reproduction. There's not really much more to microscopy there ):
But I remember that a few years ago a teacher had taken blood and shown it to us under the microscope. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it, but it was interesting!

Hopefully you may get other chances in the future. That's a cool way to "touch" science in practice :)

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Really Nice Post! Good quality 😀




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