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RE: First Post From The New Ubuntu Install

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Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

I wonder how stable it is these days. When it just rolled out, I installed that and it was buggy. Apparently, I wasn't the only one. Many complained about 20.4 ,dislike, even hated it like I do. After a few months constantly dealing with bugs, I decided to revert to 18.04. bionic beaver. All I can say is good luck to you and I hope you won't meet too many bugs.

One of the bugs I encountered 7 months ago was also still unresolved and I ended up having to flush the system and downgrade it.


I haven't encountered anything buggy yet. I've been using it for under 10 hours though. So far so good. I got OBS Studio running, fixed the lagging web cam. I'll be playing around with Openshot tonight. Hopefully all goes well. For the most part, I installed it for the video editing software. If that works out, I'll be happy! It's dual boot so I can always return to Windows for everything else if the bugs become to bothersome.

The KDE install was a nightmare for me. That seemed buggy as hell. Everything was loading choppy. I thought maybe it was a corrupted install.

Oh yeah, if it becomes buggy, you can go back to windows or well, just downgrade it. Another option maybe change the environment completely or changing the kernel works too, at least that was what happened to me as temporary solution. Anyway, good luck!