Accidental Tribe Tagging

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I am actually scared to use some of the tags, because I feel like I don't fit into the communities with my posts.

SteemPeak really wanted to have a system where we showed our users what kind of content was expected inside of a tribe. A simple and short description of what content is acceptable would do (Or any rules text). However for some reason that has still not been implemented (by steem-engine). And tribes don't have an account like hives where you can stick the metadata-description in a decentralized manner... it kinda baffles me.

I love this meme and this is hilarious. Definitely one of the better Steem related Memes I've seen.

🤣😂🤣😭💀 !BEER

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Oh. I pushed the wrong button again. I meant to downvote this MEME.

Very funny! I guess I am going to have to step up my meme game!

I am loving Communities, it's the sole reason I'm sticking around and ya know my love of Memes runs oh so deep :P

lol sounds like some of the tribes that rig elections and start putting people in "boxes" till they reform, lmfao, this one is hilariously true which is both sad and part of the reason why the price is dookie imho
(so busy, 10000 dm's have now been truncated to about 15 a day :( )

I am also having the same thoughts and troubles
please let this "mad scientist" to publish here. 👨‍🔬
Forgive me. 😢

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