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RE: On my way to the Hive side, with SteemSTEM

in #steemstem2 years ago

BlockchainSTEM / BlockchainSTEM-on-HIVE ? :-)

Thanks for these suggestions. I am tagging @mobbs who is in charge of collecting all proposals. Let's see what the future will be, but in any case we will let the community choosing with us ^^

Thanks for your opinion on the witness. I was actually wondering because it drains a lot of money (from my own pocket). My current vision is to migrate the witness to Hive and then see with time what to do. Note that the migration will probably take some time as I first need to migrate the app (hopefully the new app will be alive in 22 hours from now), upgrade the voting bot (i.e. rewrite, it as this will be a good excuse for getting rid of a code written by others and have my own), and many other things... I would also like to blog about dark matter at the LHC, but this will wait :D

Anyways, the future look Hivish :D