On my way to the Hive side, with SteemSTEM

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Hive is coming and it is clear that I am joining it. I definitely say no to a centralised chain. Period.

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I have been on Steem since July 2016. While I tried to maintain a personal blog about mainstream (and less mainstream) ideas in particle physics, I have also co-founded the SteemSTEM project and contributed to it as much as I could (which is not as much as I wanted).

From a simple curation project, SteemSTEM has now the goal of offering, to those with the greatest knowledge of STEM subjects, a way to directly communicate about their work, without having to rely on middleman journalists. Whilst we are still far from being there, we are slowly getting there, one blog at a time ^^

A lot changed on Steem during the last month and it is time to move forward. SteemSTEM decided to say ‘no’ to a centralised platform. I decided to say ‘no’ too.

Goodbye Steem and let’s meet on Hive

A transition period is currently on-going, and we will move slowly move all our activities from Steem to Hive. To summarise quickly what is going:

  • We are currently rebranding. Any idea (different form HiveSTEM) is welcome. See here.
  • We will use HiveSTEM as a temporary brand name. Please don't like it too much as it is meant to disappear.
  • Our app is migrating to the new chain at the time I write. This may take more time than expected, but please be assured that I am heavily working on this.
  • Curation will probably continue on both chain for a few days, maximum for a couple of weeks, before moving entirely to Hive.
  • We are very unsure about what to do with our witness, that has never been strong enough to be above top 70. Please do not hesitate to raise your opinion on this. Should we shut it down?
We are looking forward to write this new page of the SteemSTEM (or whatever name it will be) history. Let's all meet on the Hive side, for a new exciting adventure!

PS: This article has been formatted for the steemstem.io front-end. Please see here for a better reading.


As you know, @lemouth, I'm 100% with decentralization. I feel like a pioneer, and it's wonderful. Thank you for helping to make this transition a viable reality.

Edit: I've laboring over a blog-researching, learning, writing. Should be ready for the platform :)

This is my first time logging into Steem in probably over a year. Does this move to Hive mean an end to the Steemit Whales? If so, I am in !!!

But more importantly, will "what's hot" list of articles on the new Hive not be polluted by endless articles about Blockchain and Steem Tokens, with a random photo post that inexplicably gets $87 worth of upvotes?

This is a new beginning. We make the difference. A whole bunch of good people, with the right motives, are heading toward the Hive. I'm just a small fry, but I have great hopes, because I'm familiar with many of the people behind the move.
What have you got to lose? Help to make a new kind of blockchain.

On our app, (https://stem.openhive.network/ or www.steemstem.io), we managed to fix this by designing our trending page according to our own criteria. I cannot say what will happen with hive trending. But at the end, this is why we decided to design our own frontend.

I am looking forward to see you on the other side of the mirror. For now, I am still struggling to migrate the app. The good news is that I made it much faster in the process. Surprise surprise in about 20 hours :)

Hey @lemouth,

Thank you very much for this quick, to-the-point update! I guess, I better get myself organised to post sooner than later on HiveSTEM! It's exciting to see the community keeps going strong & together :) I look forward to being part of this new, upcoming chapter of our sicence community family <3

You are welcome. For once, as you can see, I managed to write a post that was shorter than 1000 words :D

But to be honest, I spent most of my time in updating the app to Hive. I would like it to be live tomorrow at the time of the fork.

I would like it if we still were one of the witnesses on the HIVE blockchhain.

Here on steem, at least 80% of general users weren't even aware of the whole witness thing or the fact that they even exist (from what I read n different discord chats) until JustinSun and his sock puppets struck!

This is no longer the case I hope, and most people will finally be taking their witness votes seriously. I think we should give it a try to push higher up in the witness list.

Thanks for pointing this out. I would like too, but we should remember that I have invested a couple of thousands USD from my own money on the witness. Which is why I am now hesitating. But you are right, we may want to give it a try and see. If things are not sustainable, then it will be the time to shut it down.

Yes definitely. If it’s not sustainable then there is no point in keeping it running.

HiveSTEM as a temporary brand name.

BlockchainSTEM / BlockchainSTEM-on-HIVE ? :-)

Should we shut it down?

No! I hope that in the sense of real decentralization more people will vote for more small witnesses (and also upvote posts written by minnows).
As intersting as I find the HIVE idea, as unfavourable I see the concentration of power, and just recently I didn't like to see up to which extend the biggest accounts and also 'top witnesses' mutually upvoted each other.

BlockchainSTEM / BlockchainSTEM-on-HIVE ? :-)

Thanks for these suggestions. I am tagging @mobbs who is in charge of collecting all proposals. Let's see what the future will be, but in any case we will let the community choosing with us ^^

Thanks for your opinion on the witness. I was actually wondering because it drains a lot of money (from my own pocket). My current vision is to migrate the witness to Hive and then see with time what to do. Note that the migration will probably take some time as I first need to migrate the app (hopefully the new app will be alive in 22 hours from now), upgrade the voting bot (i.e. rewrite, it as this will be a good excuse for getting rid of a code written by others and have my own), and many other things... I would also like to blog about dark matter at the LHC, but this will wait :D

Anyways, the future look Hivish :D

Let us stop the witness server. As far as I understand you are renting the service without any profit. Why having this burden now? In the current scenario of steem, I mean.

I am not exactly renting the service. I am paying for a server for more than a year, and I configured it to have the witness running on it. I will probably keep it for a while on Hive, and then see. Note that the Steem gathered by the witness (that consist in a fair amount of a few thousands) also helps our users, as the witness is trailing all votes.

I see. Then it's good. My notion was something else.

it was a beautiful trip in steem but now begins a much better one in hive and all the members of the community will put our grain of sand to make grow much more this wonderful project in hive

Definitely! And we will all be there together!

I always appreciate the physics knowledge and will continue to follow on Hive. I don't think there is anything bad with the name HiveSTEM but you're right that it doesn't really flow the same

This fork is a good opportunity for rebranding and become independent of the blockchain name, as a brand, in order to get our own. On the other hand, we will be HiveSTEM in our hearts ;)

I'll support SteemSTEM / HiveSTEM, no matter how the name changes or wherever it goes.

Thanks! This is truly appreciated!

See you on Hive!


Thanks for this information. I'm glad @Steemstem is heading to Hive and I'll be glad to contribute more to the #hivestem community.

I stand with a decentralized Blockchain.

As for rebranding, I suggest "STEMiverse" in case there would be another. movement in the future to another block chain.

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Indeed we are! Please see with @mobbs directly for the rebranding! He is in charge of that :)


STEMit is going to love Hive.

I almost choked while reading your comment. I think I will veto STEMit as this is too Steemit-like. What do you think @mobbs?

No one likes my sughestion 😭

Then find other ones :)

I am already there,only awaiting your arrival to help you with packing your luggage.lol

Hehe :) Thanks!

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If you appreciate the work we are doing, then consider supporting our witness @stem.witness. Additional witness support to the curie witness would be appreciated as well.

For additional information please join us on the SteemSTEM discord and to get to know the rest of the community!

Thanks for having used the steemstem.io app. This granted you a stronger support from SteemSTEM. Note that including @steemstem in the list of beneficiaries of this post could have yielded an even more important support.

But Hive is super-centralized as Steem is and was, as I assume voting rules have not changed and voting power and wealth of the new chain will be just stripped of the power of a few (Steemit stake).

I disagree with that statement. Today, Steem is controled by a single individual. Hive is not. The top witnesses want the success of the chain, and we can hope having them to support projects like HiveSTEM (or the future name that will be given to it). The future will tell it :)

Between 1-person tyranny and oligarchy. Hive witnesses still support the (voting) system that led to steem governance problems.
I've explained the problem and asked several witnesses about their position, only 1 took it seriously. Others just didn't respond.

Maybe an oligarchy, but the oligarchy can change with time as I do not think any single individual controls more than a few percents of the total supply. That makes a big difference in my opinion.

Concerning the other point you raised, Hive is not perfect and there are many ways to improve it. The good thing is that developers are working on this, and things move.

And finally, I do not think that 1 shareable vote per user changes anything. It just scales everything down, no?

One thing I agree is that hive can evolve into something better. But it's a very open problem.

Let's note that 30:1 vote system allowed for tyranny. Simply, one colluded minority lost to another. Old witnesses would keep around 10 places in the top 20 if not for the 30:1 rule. But before on steam and now on hive this exact rule allowes some of them to keep his/her place as a top witness.

And finally, I do not think that 1 shareable vote per user changes anything. It just scales everything down, no?

Why to introduce and keep such a construct if it changes nothing? It allows a minority to stay in power as long as they cooperate, as I have explained in this post:

P.S. Sorry, maybe I do sound negative and confrontational, it's not my intent.
Best Wishes!

No problem in discussing and being negative. As along as the discussion is polite, I am find to discuss anything.

What I meant is that moving from 30 votes to 1 shareable vote may just not change much as this corresponds to an overall scale factor. But this is incorrect as one can relatively give more strength to different witnesses and so on. I will think about your ideas, but not this week (too busy with non-HIVE matters).