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RE: On my way to the Hive side, with SteemSTEM

in #steemstem2 years ago (edited)

As you know, @lemouth, I'm 100% with decentralization. I feel like a pioneer, and it's wonderful. Thank you for helping to make this transition a viable reality.

Edit: I've laboring over a blog-researching, learning, writing. Should be ready for the platform :)


This is my first time logging into Steem in probably over a year. Does this move to Hive mean an end to the Steemit Whales? If so, I am in !!!

But more importantly, will "what's hot" list of articles on the new Hive not be polluted by endless articles about Blockchain and Steem Tokens, with a random photo post that inexplicably gets $87 worth of upvotes?

This is a new beginning. We make the difference. A whole bunch of good people, with the right motives, are heading toward the Hive. I'm just a small fry, but I have great hopes, because I'm familiar with many of the people behind the move.
What have you got to lose? Help to make a new kind of blockchain.

On our app, ( or, we managed to fix this by designing our trending page according to our own criteria. I cannot say what will happen with hive trending. But at the end, this is why we decided to design our own frontend.

I am looking forward to see you on the other side of the mirror. For now, I am still struggling to migrate the app. The good news is that I made it much faster in the process. Surprise surprise in about 20 hours :)