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RE: SpaceX set to launch first ever commercial crew to the International Space Station

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Thanks for pointing my eyes Ad Astra when I've been dealing with dirt of the HF23 theft.
I am a huge fan of SpaceX.

I established the Mars Society's Aussie chapter in 1998 and went to a few Mars Society Conventions but missed meeting Musk before he was a super-star by a couple of years.


Space will always be the sector closest to my heart and where I see my long-term future. There's just something special there in terms of a culture and a passion among people who loves what they do that's so rewarding.

Yes, while crypto is a new frontier, humanity really needs a new physical frontier, lands to explore without the dead hand of massive regulation and history. This COVID hysteria proves this even more than before.

Have you read Dr Robert Zubrin's latest book The Case for Space?