I start on the web design path.

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Hey take me seriously.

I am a young girl who is starting her own software development company, I really like the subject of programming I have knowledge of languages ​​such as python, php and javaScript. My problem is the little importance that many people give me when it comes to talking about my age, I have participated in several interviews with clients I have 2 years in this career, and how frustrating it is when you say that you are 16 years old and know how to work frontend, backend and that many people do not take you seriously. Well my advice for those who believe that age bases experience, then do not judge young boys who want to start a job and undertake in the world of technology, since tomorrow will be created by young people who today with effort they specialize in getting their jobs done.

The first thing I liked about designing websites is the personality you can give it, the message you can convey, and as people in the world they can learn something from you with your theme, with what you want to make known.