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Dealing with government officials often results in anger lol. I have a similar visa appointment in October that I'm not looking forward to. I suspect I'll be dealing with similar issues that I'm sure you dealt with. Probably the usual: "you're missing... (insert random document not listed as required on their official website). Make another appointment and come back in and do this process all over again."


Good for you for sticking up for yourself and being assertive. Sounds like you handled that like a pro!

Anger is a very complex emotion. I personally do not see it as a sign of unintelligence or anything like that, as stated by stoicism. The explanation that I always liked was that its adaptive function is to remove an obstacle or blockage. Anger often arises when when we are blocked from accomplishing a goal - Someone or something, stops us from doing something. That doesnt explain every circumstance, but it fits with many. Like many human behaviors though, there are many factors that influence it and many forms of the behavior, as you pointed out in your article.

What you said about situational and disprositional causes was interesting. That also sounds like the cognitive heuristic known as the fundamental attribution error. It's very similar.

Interesting read! I'm glad that the visa process worked out in the end for you.

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Anger often arises when when we are blocked from accomplishing a goal

It's interesting you'saying this now @leaky20. I've been looking into some psychoanalyses materials and came upon this case of a psychotherapist who had to see a 9-year-old boy. The boy had been diagnosed with high functioning autism and was presenting some pretty disturbing, violent tendencies/behavior.

After a few sessions the boy started spitting in his face. This went on for months! Until the therapist confessed "I'd reach a breaking point. I began to dread the anger I felt after each of his attacks." Only after seeing a senior colleague he realized that the anger he was feeling towards the boy was due to him (and the boy) being "stuck". Or, blocked. As you would say. I was quite taken aback by this! I had never seen anger from that angle. And here you are, just reinforcing this perspective :)

Yeah ... fundamental attribution error. I am tempted to use it interchangeably with correspondence bias. Some regard them as more or less equivalent. But, there are some subtle differences between the two ref..

But, Yep! All in all: "dealing with government officials often results in anger". Good luck with your appointment in October. It is very unlikely you will be experiencing frustration leaky, as you seem to have the right expectation in place! :P

Bye for now & take care :)

That's an interesting example. I can see why or how that would be frustrating and lead to anger.
I wasnt aware of correspondence bias. That's interesting. Thanks for the link. There are so many different cognitive heuristics and biases - how does one keep track? Hahaha

Thanks for the well wishes :)

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