--- Why can't we be real with one another? - Copious Thoughts - From Clayboyn's Coffee and Philosophy show Ep. 72 ---

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Giddiest of ups to all who joined us for @clayboyn 's Coffee and Philosophy. on the much loved MSP Waves and P.A.L Discord Network. The recording of this particular show can be found here: Coffee and Philosophy Ep.72.

This time round on the C&P majik realm, we start out discussing the gaming industry and the roles the developers, retailers and consumers play in the interaction of product consumption.

When the only real drive is making money as quickly as possible with as little work as possible it rarely yields fruit that worth consuming, not only in the gaming industry but in general.

While it is easy to lean on the developers and retailers fighting for their piece of the pie, we must also acknowledge the part we play as consumers. The reason they get away with producing crap, and industry giants squash the little guy is because we let them... WE reward them for their behavior with our hard earned dollars.

Game Industry

From here we turn our attention to social interactions, we begin in the workplace and how we represent ourselves to others, and others to us.

lines are also drawn between intimate relationships, where if we see a pattern emerging of deception and misleading we should consider the future and what it would hold. In the analogy it would spell out a unpleasant relationship, in the work place it would mean working a job you hate.

But why do we do this? its because of the social constructs , what is 'normal'. We place a considerable amount of weight behind adherence to the norms, we wear masks, we fake it till we break it...

What we end up with is "Artificial Interactions", where we do what we think we need to do to appear 'fine', normal, be part of the group, to fit in.

Two Face

Conforming becomes prioritized over our own autonomy and sense of self, which can lead to complicated interactions and the sensation of a difficult life. Indeed it may be the source of the generalized depression and anxiety humanity faces globally.

Trying to "be real" can have adverse effects as this action in itself goes against the grain of what is acceptable interaction. Its almost as if it is written into the code "be anything you need to be... except yourself".

Except Yourself

The truth is that the purpose of life it to be ourselves, we dont need to be anything other than who and what we are, and if we chose to be more open and honest with one another, while still accepting of those who are different than ourselves, we may be able to avoid pain and heartache... we may find ourselves with people who are on the same path and seek the same things... so the question remains... "why can't we be real with one another?"

We cover this and much more in the weekly Coffee and Philosophy show, the recording of which can be found at Coffee and Philosophy Ep.72.

If these kinds of topics and discussion are of interest I strongly recommend checking the schedule for Coffee and Philosophy and joining us in the live chat on the P.A.L Discord, so you can interact with us as well as the audience and help guide the conversation.


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