Why You Should Join the #InformationWar!

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Are you disgusted by the censorship tactics of large news organizations and social media companies? Well, we are too, in fact, that’s part of the reason the information war exists. We are here so you can set the record straight on a place where censorship is slim to nil.

This new medium for the new media is called blockchain technology, and our purpose on HIVE is to encourage posts discussing information war, propaganda, disinformation, and liberty. We are a peaceful group of truth-oriented individuals. The topics we write about are those that mainstream and controlled social media actively suppress.

HIVE is all about finding a niche, and your tribe of people. This way, you can write or learn about topics that either capture your attention or make for an interesting read. If you think the IW might be your cup of tea, then I would highly encourage checking out the sites listed below.

There are some ground rules when using the tag if you want a shot at getting curated. Firstly, our curators do their job based on individual discretion and therefore have their own biasses. So keep in mind when writing that you want to appeal to as broad an audience as possible.

Usually, this is as simple as having common decency, a logical train of thought that we can understand and a quality article. Also, it never hurts to double-check your spelling and grammar before clicking publish. Most importantly, we do not advocate violence, so if you do that in an article, you can expect that it won't be curated.

Mistakes, however, do happen from time to time and if you notice that someone has called for violence and we've mistakenly curated it, then please bring the article to our attention, and we will decide whether or not to remove the information war vote and comment.

Last but not least, have fun, as this is all about your personal growth and development as a writer and we want to help you out with that as much as possible. So if you have questions join the discord link below and ask away in the general chat.

The main benefit in accessing the information war community on discord is friendships with many individuals who share similar goals and are on the same wavelength. The tag is actively monitored and rewarded with the group's HIVE power and curation trail.

We strongly encourage information warriors to use the palnet tag too, as this ensures that your post will automatically be visible on palnet.io, and that means you'll be eligible to earn palcoin on your HIVE posts!

A special shout-out goes to tribesteemup, smallearth, aagabriel, churdtzu, aggroed, krnel, wakeupnd, chieppa1 and r0nd0n for their most generous delegation to the #informationwar's overall HIVE & PAL power!

To expand our indomitable internet reach we have a WeKu presence also, and thanks to the good folks of the WeKu team, we've been blessed with a 200,000 WeKu power delegation! So if you want to earn tokens at an even faster pace, you can cross-post your high-quality articles from HIVE onto WeKu for double the crypto fun!

Do you often write or produce high-quality content related to information war? If so, ask us about our whitelist! Currently, whitelisted Gold and Silver delegators who publish high-quality content will receive a daily upvote via exclusive access to our new curation tool! Send a direct message to one of our IW curators in discord to ask about our whitelist.


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Our purpose on the HIVE blockchain is to encourage posts discussing information war, propaganda, disinformation, and liberty. We are a peaceful group of truth-oriented individuals. The topics we write about are those that the controlled social and mainstream media actively suppress. You can learn more about our mission, various websites, and community benefits by clicking here!

Ways you can help the @informationwar!

I appreciate #informationwar. Thank you for encouraging good alternative content.

My wife @lturner wrote a fantastic and underappreciated three part series on the truth of the Flint water "crisis" that challenges the urban legend narrative. I hesitate reposting it since I don't know the policy of reposting.

If I put it up, I'll use the iw tag.


Can she repost it on her own account? Either way works :)

Yes, I was thinking crediting her and posting on my account for more exposure, although I could just resteem.

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We can't upvote anything older than 7 days, so a resteem wouldn't allow us to upvote. If they repost or you repost we can then. Thanks!

Well i'm well behind on recent developments. Looking into palnet now and never heard of weku before

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I am glad that you all area here. I think that in order to post to the various tribes when posting to hive you have to use a special tag. I have read about this phenomenon but I have not dove in deep to discover more.