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Here I found an answer two months ago, which I forgot to forward it to you :)

I beg to differ. A cathedral is a cathedral. A painting a painting and a photograph is a photograph. I can't experience any of it in the inside, if I haven't experienced it already in real life.
I can only make comparisons if I have two things to compare to one another. One real, one virtual.

A man, who grew up in the jungle and never in his life has seen a ship won't know it's a ship. He could not make any virtual connection to its purpose, function and parts.

The real thing is not in any way similar to the virtual. If you think about it in depth, there is no such thing as similarity.


there is no such thing as similarity.

100% THIS.

Also, if you like that feeling you get from a cathedral, you might like this,

I watched the whole video. Creepy. Gigantomania in its purest form. Thanks anyway, I've only ever seen abandoned shopping malls on the net and some photographs of them. I would be surprised if a new investor were found for the project, since the future of normal consumers is supposed to be online and meeting in real space in such large areas is apparently a thing of the past.

I was wondering how things are in Las Vegas right now. Are they all sitting there in masks in front of the slot machines or has Sin City closed?

I thought just the sheer structure and scale of the thing was awe inspiring.

It is funny that Las Vegas hasn't seemed to be mentioned in "the news".

I'll have to look into that.