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McAD talks about walking the tightrope in many of his tracks - I can relate to these principals.


send me one of ur favorite tracks :)

One of my favorite McAD tracks that mentions this, or one of my favorite tracks of music I create personally?

McAD, can't find a rapper on Youtube when I search for it.. :D

do you also rap/ sing?

My bad, so McAD used to be part of a band called Wondering Monks with another emcee knows as Linguistery. Most of his "non-band" tracks are published under the title of Freedom Movement which encompasses more than just himself. One of the WM tracks is literally titled: Tight Rope:

Its a tough call to say which is my favorite track by him, but if I had to pick one I would say Toxic Pollutants

Or maybe Money vs. Energy

This is my most recent single called Shift the Focus:

And this is a Hive exclusive track called No Consent from my upcoming album:

I am working on my first couple music videos right now and they should be out by late fall - early winter.

damn - toxic pollutants is sick!

Dude! I love your flow! kinda reminds me of cypress hill :D

You know fliptrix?

and I'm kinda envious about how much you got to smoke :S

I haven't heard of him before but now I have! He's got a nice flow and truth lyrics. I would do a show with him.

Move to Oregon to have more smoke. That's what I did - not the only reason though.

I guess I need to move outside the EU, or at least germany..

If they are intolerant towards cannabis I certainly would move to a more enlightened part of the world. Life is too short to spend it in fear of persecution and tyranny. Stay blessed my friend.