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RE: Name YOUR tribe...

in #palnet2 years ago

👍I have been powering up 💯 and staking all Tribe Rewards I receive, im actually loving most of them, but post mostly in #creativecoin , #lifestyle #neoxian and Splinterlands #spt , #battle Tags !👍 upped 💯 and resteemed
🙋 For more info check out the post I did yesterday where I created some Cool collages I will be using at the end of my posts , and entered them in a contest!


Thank you so much for the feedback hon! Much appreciated! Regarding @neoxian - is this niche specific?

Neoxian is not a niche it is general, which is awesome. Better than Palnet imo but it doesn't hurt to use both.

Great to know @tryskele :) Thank you xxx

Thanks for the mention @karenmckersie 💕