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There has been a LOT of talk about "tribes" over the last little while and to be honest, I have not really had much time to investigate any of it until recently... What I would like to garner from this post is information from the devotees of specific tribes so that I, as well as everyone else can discover more about each one respectively, so please tell us more about YOUR tribe/s of choice and why you support it/them in the comments :) Am keen to learn about them all!

❤ kthanksbye ❤

Oh wait... I am not done, lol - I also spotted a SUPER post by @steemchiller earlier today... and as always he never fails to impress... (which I know we would all die without lol... has made some AWESOME additions regarding tokens!

below is a sneak peak from his post - pls go check it out for yourself

I added a new Stake Tokens button in the Balances section, so that we can stake multiple tokens at once. Of course, also STEEM can be powered up there...


So yes, that is pretty damn cool! Thanks @steemchiller!

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Greetings from the #battle tribe 👋 is for all gaming content, we're super niche. If you ever post about gaming feel free to use our #battle tag 😁 Upvotes from our main curation account also provide rewards in NEOXAG and PAL..

Thank you so much for jumping in here to speak up! This is precisely the kind of input I am after for the readers of this post as well as for myself.

Your tribe tag is thankfully pretty self-explanatory but it is still fantastic that you took the time to step in and offer a professional intro. Much, MUCH appreciated - thank you!

👍I have been powering up 💯 and staking all Tribe Rewards I receive, im actually loving most of them, but post mostly in #creativecoin , #lifestyle #neoxian and Splinterlands #spt , #battle Tags !👍 upped 💯 and resteemed
🙋 For more info check out the post I did yesterday where I created some Cool collages I will be using at the end of my posts , and entered them in a contest!

Thank you so much for the feedback hon! Much appreciated! Regarding @neoxian - is this niche specific?

Neoxian is not a niche it is general, which is awesome. Better than Palnet imo but it doesn't hurt to use both.

Great to know @tryskele :) Thank you xxx

Thanks for the mention @karenmckersie 💕

Term "Tribal" being used on Steem appears to be Communities headed toward Niche platforms where Tokens are on offer.

@palnet - testing this due to only quality content creators being invited, PAL has always assisted many over the years offering a helping hand, I like the team, you earn PAL tokens.
@travelfeed - new start-up offering travel bloggers a home earning Flights, working with @steemitworldmap using new categories to distinguish exactly what one might be looking for, such as camping, hiking, holiday destinations; inland, mountains, beach, wildlife etc..
@beerlover - a love of sharing beer content once a week, what is fun is you are able to reward !BEER Tokens to deserving authors, whether beer related or not.

Many new tokens appearing on Steem-Engine, even the above I have not fully tested the in's and out's, but am happy to mention since they appear to be creative, in topics I enjoy.

This does not mean you abandon Communities you currently support, it may mean you will need to check tags carefully or use different front-end platforms to get to the right Tribe.

This is my take on what or how tribes are evolving, if you are a gamer you will join a gaming platform without having to wade through posts on tasting food, some will gain in popularity others will fall by the wayside.

We are all still working together on the blockchain with new ideas evolving.

It is absolutely awesome to see all the developments! Exciting times ahead! Thank you so much for this valuable input @joanstewart xxx

I like the tribe idea as much as i like the communities at Steem. I found my place at the #creativecoin tribe, as i am a creative person and i think you should also give it a try:) You are an amazing photographer, thoughtprovoking writter and i have no words for the recipes,lol.

Firstly, thank you for the lovely compliment! Yes, #creativecoin is definitely right up my alley, and is definitely one of the more self-explanatory ones... I am quite excited to learn about others too though :)

Thanks for the input! xxx

You are very welcome, it is not a compliment is the truth:)

Thank you either way xxx

I do support more than 1 tribe but two jump to mind when thinking about an answer on your question.

  1. Sportstalk (SPORTS): As a sports lover this is a blessing for me. Never did I see so many sports posts on steem. I really do feel at home here. So it is obvious that I am trying to stake as much SPORTS as I can.
  2. Recently rediscover is This one is devoted to steemmonsters. I did create a special account to write about my daily quests. And compared not like others a screenshot of the rewards :). Feel free to discover it at @fcb.spt

But these are mine, you did post what are yours! Really would to read about it!

Awesome, thanks @fullcoverbetting! I am keen to know more about people's favourites and the "why's" attached to them - and I am sure I am not the only one! - Appreciate the input!

Your welcome!


I support tribes which giving some rewards on staken tokens like palnet, steemleo, stem and sports.
Do you know if lifestyle give some?

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I am not certain, but I am more interested in finding out the "niche genres" of specific tribes etc.

nice one @stemgeeks, @nostem4u - So I express an interest in learning more about this topic and you downvote me? I could think of a few one-liners to offer you right now... but you know what - I am bigger than that!

Smiles and waves...

 3 years ago 

Your post has nothing to do with Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. If it did you would appreciate I downvoted this post so STEM rewards can go to people who are writing about those topics.

No Steem rewards were taken by the flag.

I was not looking for rewards by making use of the tags - I was looking for INPUT and feedback from people who have been a part of these "tribes" for some time or who have more information and opinion - and the tag would obviously make this post seen to them! Seriously, I cannot BELIEVE that the content of the post didn't make it self-explanatory as to the use of the tag!

  • A little advice: When someone expresses an interest to learn, shutting them down on step one is not normally the wisest move!

As for the rewards taken - this is of no consequence... I earn practically nothing on anything I post anyway, but the principle behind the downvote is my point... it really leaves a sour taste in my mouth now, which was really unnecessary! (in my opinion)

 3 years ago 

A niche open to everything isn’t a niche any more.

I value my tribe members ability to earn good rewards for posting about STEM in a STEM community so I did what must be done.

Don’t take it as an insult, it has nothing to do with you. If you were creating content in the community you would appreciate that I care so much about my users.

To be frank, a more useful reply in the first place (downvote inclusive or not) would have been one that actually answered the request in my post - because only through this somewhat "negative banter" have I, (and no doubt more than a few others who read this) discovered what STEM even stands for...

People want information - that is what I was after, for me and for them!

So I suppose, I will say thank you but perhaps next time you could just engage in a positive manner initially... because a downvote doesnt exactly scream "hey, let me help inform you guys!"

If I look at the STEM tag I am interested in STEM. Surely you could try to understand that.

Filtering through a bunch of "seeking" info posts can be done on nearly any tag. The tribes have different standards and that is what makes them valuable.

Figure out what tribes fit your interests. :)

If you don't care for the moderation of a certain tribe just don't use it.

I was not looking at any specific tag - I simply went to the tribes tab on steempeak so I could make use of them on this specific occasion - to get users feedback and opinion.

Figure out what tribes fit your interests. :)

That is precisely what I am attempting to do, and yes I can absolutely respect @themarkymark having a tight stance on the distribution of reward for that tag, however, I do think that someone of his caliber should have stepped into the comments to counter the "necessary" downvote with something useful and informative to say about the tribe he feels so strongly about - but he didn't.

I may be "small fry" to many here, but I have worked exceptionally hard within the Steem community for the past two years building not a "tribe" but the Power House Creatives community and we too are VERY strict with what is accepted and what is yes, I have respect and understanding for that - but I also know that there is a positive and a negative manner in which to handle things...

Despite some PHC members creative talents, we have over time received questions and queries which were seemingly "plain sight" (to some) - but the important thing to remember when you sit in a position of stature, is that what is self-explanatory to you, is not necessarily self-explanatory to the next person...

I put out a post which CLEARLY requested more info on the matter - an informative response (much like some of the others already there) would have been great - even if it WAS accompanied with a downvote...

I think (simply my opinion) that if you are going to respond to all "users in error" or "seekers" in this way, it is not going to deliver a very positive front. Yes, it will come, and there will be more and more of it happening as the weeks turn into months - and this should be managed efficiently and tactfully! Perhaps a generic message explaining the use and purpose of each specific tag to the user... to avoid it happening again...

My point in summation, is that this was a very CLEAR post of ENQUIRY. People enquire when they want information and people want information when they don't have any.... an immediate slap with a downvote is not the way to go - effective communication is!

Hi Jaynie , to sort of contribute to what Themarkymark and whatsup has said, I don't think there was anything nefarious on your part, nor Marky's. Tribes are just a bit more sensitive because of tag abuse ( aka spam abuse ). I know because I run the Token Town discord and we get plenty of peeps wondering what to use. A downvote is how the tribes are dealing with things and I understand it can come across as sort of "rude" ,but it is the only mechanism right now. I've known one of the owner/creators for almost a decade now. It's a community or tribe primarily for marketers. But, we try to have open arms for everyone. The tokens are a great benefit as well.

I will definitely check it out - thanks xxx

I use Palnet, Neoxian, Creativecoin. Recently started using Lifestyle, Marlians. Neoxian and Creative to me are the most stable with great payouts. Neoxian to me has a reputation prior to all of the tribe stuff for being pretty sound as far as crypto goes.

Thank you @tryskele 🙂 really appreciate your input xxx

Well, now it's because...duh...

#photography tag or even #photo is enough for good photo posts to be evaluated there. And I feel I have the most substantial stake over there.

Goodness I would never have guessed that one... hehehe... no, but in all seriousness I did not even know that existed... so thank you! Because as you have no doubt gathered.... I also like to dabble in that department. :)

It's fairly new and still riding the hype wave. Excellent surfing so far. I think I just sent you a Discord invite.

Cool beans I will check it out x

Other than that, #creativecoin — for general purposes and flavor.

Oh I have plenty of flavour as you know hahaha!!!

I have tried a few tribes out but as a musician (and I use that term loosely), I use creativecoin, sonicgroove and tunes.

Creativecoin is a general creatives umbrella.

Sonicgroove is a branch of creativecoin but strictly for musicians.

Tunes is another for musicians but not entirely sure the difference.

Neoxian I've used before, seems to be general purpose, as does palcoin.

Int I got flagged by someone when I wrote a travelpost so apparently that's out of the game. Apparently for independent entrepreneurs but you can't post a branding blog obviously 🤣

But, to be honest, if someone new comes to steem and is looking for music, are they likely to type in sonicgroove or the genre of the music they are looking for?

My two.... No THREE cents now coming your way 😉

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I just discovered tunes the other day which is really cool! Thanks for this @nickyhavey x

Hi @jaynie ☺ my two favorite tribe tags to use are #neoxian & #palnet as I injoy the diverse content of these amazing people found within these general purpose tags.

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Thank you for the input hon x

I am still exploring different tribes. I mostly use palnet. :)
I didn't know the addition of Steemworld. That's really great.

I was hoping that this post would afford more insight and info to those that read the comments so I am pleased to read your response :)

My interests are all over the place - writing, photography, game design, cartooning, and more that I won't bore you with right now - so I have a habit of peeking in on several tribes over the course of the week. Lately I've been enjoying photostreem, but all of these have 'creativecoin' as a similarity. I like the idea of engaging with people who do creative things, regardless of medium.

I am also all over the place hahahaha!!!! And yes, I was VERY pleased to discover photostreem too! I hope more people come forward with their preferences because it is great to discover new options :)

My favourite tribes (for Curating and posting) are #creativecoin, #marlians, and #neoxian
#creativecoin is particularly good for finding art and creative posts
#sonicgroove is great for finding music
#sportstalksocial is good for keeping up with sports and Actifit
#steemLeo has some great posts on investment
I also have tokens stoked in palnet and weed

Awesome stuff! Appreciate you taking the time to share your selections hon xxx

I'm using Steemleo, Creativecoin, Neoxian, Palnet primarily, depending on content. Stem I will add if content arises. Marilians I'm not sure of yet...have to pay 5 steem to join. I don't use steemonsters so wont use splinter, don't do gaming much so little chance for battle.

Short and sweet post Jaynie. Do you ever post more than one a day it worthwhile? Especially if we don't use bots or worry about their upvotes which are only once a day apparently?

Many thanks for the input. I mostly post once a day and have for some time, unless something spontaneous comes to mind... personally, no... I don't think it is worth posting more than once a day anymore... not if you are earning what I am or less LOL :)

Sorry, you don't have enough staked BEER in your account. You need 6 BEER in your virtual fridge to give some of your BEER to others. To view or trade BEER go to

A little Pandora's box you opened with your comment below, @jaynie, and points well made on both sides. So, before I get to your question, I'll just repeat what I've said elsewhere: just downvoting without qualification is not helpful particularly given how it's been (ab)used on this platform in the past. As a consequencd of this, the behaviour is often taken personally. My sense is that changing this will take a long time and possibly never will. Consequently, and who knows, this may yet feature in HF..whatever... in the future.

Now, as to your question about tribes: I've "joined" a couple and to be frank, am not sure of the point. Perhaps it's my resistance to being part of a herd or the fact that I completely miss the point with smart tokens/tokenisation. Or perhaps I've just not read all the blurb....

So, unless I can be persuaded that there is material benefit to joining a tribe and/or selecting one platform over another (like @SteemPeak and/or @steempress) for posting and/or participating, I'm not sure I see the point.

That said, I do like the idea of communities like PHC and there's a part of me asking whether there's a difference between a tribe and a community - except the absence of token? Or are they exclusive? Seems to me, not, and that one can be a member of a few.

My 2c worth on the matter. I will be interested in what you find out and how you might decide to move forward.

Thanks so much for asking about our favourite tribes Jaynie.

I've only just started looking at and using #creativecoin. But hope to look at some of the others that people have mentioned here now.

I gravitate towards looking at the work of other creatives, so #creativecoin resonates the most right now, but also I'm interested in #neoxian & #palnet.

Because of my bent towards natural health and healing and sustainable lifestyle, #ecotrain and #homesteaderscoop are other tribes/communities I also love to visit. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

My pleasure hon, and I am glad that people are seeing the USE of a post like this. Not everybody is as well informed as the next.

I use palnet and neoxian for most of my posts... And for gaming I use battle and steemace instead. Crypto I use steemleo.... Apart from that, I can't really be bothered with more than that. I stake about half and sell the rest. The explosion of different tribes reminds me of the ICO mania...

Yes, those two do certainly seem to be the most broadly used. Thanks for the input @bengy :) Much appreciated!