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RE: Name YOUR tribe...

in #palnet2 years ago

I'm using Steemleo, Creativecoin, Neoxian, Palnet primarily, depending on content. Stem I will add if content arises. Marilians I'm not sure of yet...have to pay 5 steem to join. I don't use steemonsters so wont use splinter, don't do gaming much so little chance for battle.

Short and sweet post Jaynie. Do you ever post more than one a day it worthwhile? Especially if we don't use bots or worry about their upvotes which are only once a day apparently?


Many thanks for the input. I mostly post once a day and have for some time, unless something spontaneous comes to mind... personally, no... I don't think it is worth posting more than once a day anymore... not if you are earning what I am or less LOL :)