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RE: Trying to create an objective view on the #newsteem

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It’s clear newsteem is only profitable for large accounts. But small accounts never made that much money. Whales run this place and will continue to do in the future. So no decentralisation at all.

About the downvoting. It’s a good idea. Look at Haejin. He no longer rapes the reward pool. Unfortunately, a lot of people are getting downvotes who don’t deserve it. More than before. Bad situation.

I’m remaining neutral on #newsteem. It could improve. But all in all negative for the future due to bad management, lack of new users, lack of interest of investors and STINC selling their stake.


Like I wrote, it all depends in which steem situation you are.
I have seen users who are getting almost a daily upvote of a curation trail, one with a huge amount of VP. So they won't complain and tell that the newsteem is a blessing!

I did downgrade from neutral to a little bit negative!

Hey @d0zer, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!