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RE: Trying to create an objective view on the #newsteem

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It's kind of a ride or die situation for the small accounts. In my case I am posting for the sake of blogging and if any former bid bit or whale upvotes me is good enough if not...that's it. I don't understand however the accounts that you mentioned about that just simply spread downvotes left and right and do nothing other than that. I've had an experience with one as well. They will dissipate after a while for sure.

Overall I appreciate this #newsteem and I appreciate the most the diminuation of spam and of course abuse of the rewards pool and the whole platform after all. It's also good that bid bots started using their VP on random people not just the ones paying for votes.

Steem on!


Like I wrote some of the changes with the HF are great and make steem better. But I do start to have the feeling that the negative things are overpowering the positives.

Just like you I will steem on, and see what the future will bring!