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Great post @lymepoet, upvoted.
My "revelatory moment" was in 2007. I'd been asked to play one hour each week in the Nursing Home ward and the Alzheimer ward of the VA hospital where I was at the time.
One hour each.
I was only playing what I had in my head, songs I'd known for years.
The very first day in the alzheimer ward, I was playing "The Tennessee Waltz" and a little old lady in a wheelchair piped up and said "My Husband and I used to dance to that song", well I was very pleased, but the reaction of the staff was ASTOUNDING!!
"She hasn't said a word in several months!!!" they said.

Working in a memory care facility is extremely stressful for the staff, and I saw that during my performances, the staff could relax, even interact with their residents in ways they normally had no chance too, because they were always chasing patients, trying to keep them from hurting themselves or getting in fights with other patients.
Now my playing music for the old folks (I am no spring chicken) is just about the only bright spot in my otherwise rather dismal existence.

I hope I haven't taken too much of your time.


Sometimes we have no clue how much our art or music can touch others! What might seem okay for us can be an enormous effect on others, such as your music on the old lady.
I can relate to your story. I write poetry and I published some Lyme (disease) related poems and articles on forum for chronically ill people. One day I got a letter from a woman thanking me for voicing her suffering and explaining how my poem helped her move forward. I guess that's how I shifted from writing dark poetry to healing poems. Similar reaction I got to one of my paintings. These revelations are truly amazing as they make us see a bigger part of the puzzle!

Thanks again @lymepoet. I was going to ask you about your username. That story in itself is an inspiration.
I don't know if you ever heard of or remember Tsū... it was sort of a predecessor of steemit, only it wasn't blockchain related.
It WAS a "pay for posting" platform. I digress.
In Tsū, I started out (username) as "Jerrytsujongleur"... jongleur being a medieval word for a minstrel.
Then someone commented on one of my postings that "I was sort of a SEER (a prophet) and I liked it so I changed to Jerrytsuseer.
It stuck, and even when Tsū crashed overnight without warning, taking all our banks with it, I remembered the name.

I haven't heard of Tsu, I missed this one. Before stumbling upon Steemit, I wrote on other platforms (WP, Blogspot, Tumblr,Myspace, Yahoo, 360 and so on...) under other pen names. Lyme Poet was born on Steemit ;0) You can read the story behind my username here. Have a fabulous day!

It has been relaunched, and I did join up, but haven't been back. Steemit and all the tribes and servers and tags and blah blah blah have me spending far too much time and mental energy trying to understand and keep up (not to mention the HF's)
But you can check out the link
Tsu was originally launched on October 21, 2014. The first version closed down in August 2016. In 2019 the relaunch of the platform was announced with a more sustainable version (the original concept was to share 90% of the gains of the platform with users. However, this model failed because it couldn’t afford the project’s costs).

The main change in the business plan of the new Tsu was the percentage of revenue distribution (from 90% to 50%). In addition, the project also promised to be more aggressive in marketing and partnerships with major influencers.