What makes you tick?

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A short glance at the way we live nowadays and it seems that fear is a necessity. In our society of high achievers, fear acts as a reminder of the dangers lying ahead. It sends you a nudge, saying that your actions have consequences which need to be taken in consideration. Accepting this emotion of survival, fight or flight response, is important.

Anticipation of fear takes place mostly in the future. In the present, we don't really experience fear. We talk about fear at past tense or future tense. The feeling of being afraid relates to a future act that we do not know the outcome. We fear the result of that action, not the act itself. Usually when the excitement overcomes the fear, the outcomes are positive.

Accepting fear is part of the game. When you stay in touch with your own mortality, keep it in check, you gradually feel the intensity of the fear decreasing. When you take in consideration that we all die at one point and that tomorrow is not given, you see things in a new perspective. You become more selective with your time.

This limitation of time changes your interactions with others and makes you more aware of what is worth or not. That's when you should understand that living in the future will not make you happier. It won't make the years come back and it won't change your past.

What you should do is to be more anchored into your present. Enjoy every single minute of it, cherish each breath you take because that is your most prized gift. Once you're out of breath, the game is over. Being contented with your present, living it fully is what makes the difference.

If you haven't found your passion yet, remember that talent can be learnt. Not everyone has innate traits and abilities! It takes focus, dedication, commitment and relentless practice to master your skill. If you invest enough energy and time in your dream, you can see results.

Everyone has a dream, but most of people do not have what it takes to pursue it. Don't let fear interfear with your dreams! Try to be your best version of yourself! Reach the optimal performance by placing more trust into your own forces! A strong motivation can reshape the future.

By simply relying on your past experiences, skills and believing 100% into your own force or your vision, that is a recipe for success. You have no idea how far these positive waves can take you.

Switch from floating adrift to flowing. How can you expect to achieve something when you have set no goals? Drifting is worse than sleeping! Wake up and take control over your life! Engage daily into activities or tasks that take you little by little one step closer to your vision.

Remember that multi tasking decreases productivity and creativity! Be completely focused on your vision. Know your priorities and remember that less is more. Take only educated risks! Risk take different forms for everyone. It always depends on the level of satisfaction of the outcome.

Fulfillment and satisfaction come from taking risks and accepting failure. It builds self motivation and allows you to be more and more open to change.

Did you have ever had a breakthrough, a revelation moment where you knew exactly what was your purpose or you had a vision? Tell me more about it in the comments below!



Yes, indeed @lymepoet, ”What makes us tick?” In the rich diversity of your readers all over the world, there are likely many different answers to this question which you been inspired to capture for us and expand upon here in your post. The one universally common element, which I have written about myself recently, is our time.

”When you take in consideration that we all die at one point and that tomorrow is not given, you see things in a new perspective. You become more selective with your time.”

”This limitation of time changes your interactions with others and makes you more aware of what is worth or not. That's when you should understand that living in the future will not make you happier. It won't make the years come back and it won't change your past.”

[emphasis added mine]

In amongst the differing responses we’ll all have to the rest of your post, keeping our understanding of our time in proper perspective is, I believe, essential. For this Steemian, “looking back in the rearview mirror,” I wish I had come to this realization a lot sooner in my life than I did …

Thank you for creating this well written and thought-provoking post Lavi. With the dawning of each new day, I hope and pray you will continue to find strength and hope for persevering in your struggle against sickness. Having a cousin of our family inflicted with your same challenge, I know it is possible.

Young children, I think, before they really achieve a sense of awareness, usually live right for the moment. It's a very innocent way of life. Once we achieve self-awareness and, particularly, a sense of our own mortality, we really begin to be aware of our choices.

The medieval years saw people definitely act through a sense of fear; a fear of eternal damnation. And we definitely see fear at play today: fear of "other people" (I call that "Fear of The Other"), fear of losing a job, fear of war, etc. It's a great motivator for those who know how to manipulate it.

On a more personal level I think the people that I admire the most are those who do not have a fear of failing, which has always been my most damning demon. Stepping out of one's comfort zone is what makes a person great.

I'm personally still looking for "that thing," or purpose. I know what I'd prefer to do, but not sure it's a purpose. If I ever find it I'll let you know.

Thanks for the thoughtful post!

Kids are indeed anchored into the present. Maybe way more than we could ever be. I totally agree with you that fear has been used to control the masses. This practice has been taking to another level nowadays.
Until almost a decade ago I was afraid of failing. Then life failed on me. My only choice was to move forward without carrying anymore about x, y or z. What was then my blackest hour turned out to be a great fork where I woke up to the new me.

That's a great way to make a positive out of it! One of the best quotes I've ever heard was "We succeed, or we learn." I think that's a positive outlook too.

One of my former employers used to say this. He always talk about negative experiences using only positive words.

Young children, I think, before they really achieve a sense of awareness, usually live right for the moment

That and preconceived notions. Once you start getting these ideas which make "logic" and "rational" changes to your perception, your entire world-view is forever alerted.


Yes! While I'm a person of science and logic, it's always a little saddening to see a sense of wonder and magic slip away from the child as they grow out of it and are taught out of it. It's a sense of innocence that is lost.

Hi @lymepoet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. When you say:

"Remember that multi tasking decreases productivity and creativity!"

I don't agree with your broad catch-all statement covering everyone. I feel that if a person can multi task and do it successfully, then it doesn't decrease their productivity. However, each person should realize how much multi-tasking is too much. If it takes up all your time and takes you away from your goals or set tasks you intend to accomplish, then reduce the number of tasks you're trying to complete simultaneously.

I have multi-tasked for many years. I had to with numerous things going on at the same time that had to be taken care of.

Only that person can truly say when multi tasking is not to their benefits or is doing more harm than good.

Thank you for the read and the comment. Yes, it is a broad statement, I agree. That's because of the number of those super multitaskers who thrive under pressure is lower than the others who are used to performing one thing at the time. Yes, it's a personal call, deciding what is too much.

There is fear before the battle, but once the battle begins the fear is suppressed by reaction. I think of fear, kind of the way I think about worry; the main difference being that worry is absolutely and totally worthless.

Although fear can have value and can be a life saver when it keeps us from doing something stupid and dangerous, it can have very debilitating effects on us, like when we decide we're never leaving the house again.

I prefer living in the moment, but really, I didn't have much to do with that as a "decision." Focus is highly underrated. :) Nice piece!

Thanks! Fear can take many faces or shapes and it can be both beneficial and detrimental. I believe that being aware of the value of the present kind of helps reducing the intensity of fear.

Great post @lymepoet, upvoted.
My "revelatory moment" was in 2007. I'd been asked to play one hour each week in the Nursing Home ward and the Alzheimer ward of the VA hospital where I was at the time.
One hour each.
I was only playing what I had in my head, songs I'd known for years.
The very first day in the alzheimer ward, I was playing "The Tennessee Waltz" and a little old lady in a wheelchair piped up and said "My Husband and I used to dance to that song", well I was very pleased, but the reaction of the staff was ASTOUNDING!!
"She hasn't said a word in several months!!!" they said.

Working in a memory care facility is extremely stressful for the staff, and I saw that during my performances, the staff could relax, even interact with their residents in ways they normally had no chance too, because they were always chasing patients, trying to keep them from hurting themselves or getting in fights with other patients.
Now my playing music for the old folks (I am no spring chicken) is just about the only bright spot in my otherwise rather dismal existence.

I hope I haven't taken too much of your time.

Sometimes we have no clue how much our art or music can touch others! What might seem okay for us can be an enormous effect on others, such as your music on the old lady.
I can relate to your story. I write poetry and I published some Lyme (disease) related poems and articles on forum for chronically ill people. One day I got a letter from a woman thanking me for voicing her suffering and explaining how my poem helped her move forward. I guess that's how I shifted from writing dark poetry to healing poems. Similar reaction I got to one of my paintings. These revelations are truly amazing as they make us see a bigger part of the puzzle!

Thanks again @lymepoet. I was going to ask you about your username. That story in itself is an inspiration.
I don't know if you ever heard of or remember Tsū... it was sort of a predecessor of steemit, only it wasn't blockchain related.
It WAS a "pay for posting" platform. I digress.
In Tsū, I started out (username) as "Jerrytsujongleur"... jongleur being a medieval word for a minstrel.
Then someone commented on one of my postings that "I was sort of a SEER (a prophet) and I liked it so I changed to Jerrytsuseer.
It stuck, and even when Tsū crashed overnight without warning, taking all our banks with it, I remembered the name.

I haven't heard of Tsu, I missed this one. Before stumbling upon Steemit, I wrote on other platforms (WP, Blogspot, Tumblr,Myspace, Yahoo, 360 and so on...) under other pen names. Lyme Poet was born on Steemit ;0) You can read the story behind my username here. Have a fabulous day!

It has been relaunched, and I did join up, but haven't been back. Steemit and all the tribes and servers and tags and blah blah blah have me spending far too much time and mental energy trying to understand and keep up (not to mention the HF's)
But you can check out the link
Tsu was originally launched on October 21, 2014. The first version closed down in August 2016. In 2019 the relaunch of the platform was announced with a more sustainable version (the original concept was to share 90% of the gains of the platform with users. However, this model failed because it couldn’t afford the project’s costs).

The main change in the business plan of the new Tsu was the percentage of revenue distribution (from 90% to 50%). In addition, the project also promised to be more aggressive in marketing and partnerships with major influencers.

Great inspirational post, thank you so much for sharing.

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Thanks for stopping by!

You are welcome.

Only as I grew older did the impact of the present time start to emerge in my mind my friend. It is indeed what we do today that shapes our tomorrows and our time is indeed limited. each day has enough problems of its own to worry about tomorrows.
I love your post here!

As we age, we start getting all sorts of ideas and we learn to be more selective. Thanks for stopping by!

Hahaha, they call it experience my friend.
Some learn and others don't.
The way of life!

True! Sometimes we need to stumble couple of times on the same thing, to finally learn the lesson!

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Being selective, being wary of mistakes possibly made, totally aware of time ticking by a lovely written piece.


Thank you!

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I'm more of a planner and try best to think of consequences to actions if I had taken it. And if I do decide on it, it would mean that I'm ready to face the results whatever it may be. Then again, I may not be when it's really staring right in front of me.

Being cautious and taking calculated risks is one way to deal with it!

My dad died at the age of 47 so I have always kept in mind that you never know how long our time on earth will be :)

Sorry to hear that @seabeady! Tomorrow isn't promised for any of us - the sooner we get it to our head, the higher chance we get to live fully.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This quote comes to mind and we should make the best of the present. 💕
“Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.“

It is a gift indeed! We take it for granted, just like we do with breathing! Without it, there is no tomorrow!

Always take the time to say "I love you!" everyday @lymepoet 💕


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That's a good advice! I actually do say it on daily basis to those close to my heart! Thanks for stopping by!

I think I had more Aha moments when I was younger and didn't always look for the caution of my actions. Joining dogooder groups that I believed in, never seeing that they may have a negative action on a job or life in the future.

As I grew out of that stage of life, I took more care in the whole picture, not just the moment.

Great piece as always and you get my brain cells moving around thinking. Thanks! And have a wonderful day!


Those Aha moments are priceless! Within time we learn to decipher them and we become more aware of our real needs.

Thank you, God. :) But, I agree. xo

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Such wise words @lymepoet. :) Thank you for this beautiful post

Nice to see you here! Hope all is well!


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I don't think I have had that revelation. 25 or 30 years ago I thought I was meant to teach all my life, lecture, and write books. Now I feel I wasted 20 years of my life and face the challenge of reinventing myself at 46. Lots of ideas for books, but have to multitask to survive. Hard to have anything done like that and publishing industry died in Venezuela.

Don't look at those years as a waste! You have learnt a great deal of things while teaching, lecturing and writing. You honed your skills and now you are ready to plunge into a new field. The moment we stop learning, we are dead! I am convinced that things are not easy in your country, and you must be facing lots of challenges, but believe in yourself! It's never too late to start a new chapter of your life!

Thanks. I appreciate it

I knew that he was the one and the best time to get pregnant and become parents 😉

Wow! I love this type of stories!

Thought provoking! I had a revelation when I had a meeting with my retirement counselor who showed me I had enough in my account to retire and make the same amount I was taking home from the job, which I was hating. Life is too short, and it's scary to take the leap and give up what is familiar, but it's been 2 years now since I retired at age 58 and I've never regretted it!

Stepping out of the comfort zone can be scary. I am glad you took the leap and reached a point where you have no regrets! Congrats!

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There is a lot of truth here. Life goes by... and without pursuing things we really believe in and care about, life just goes by!

My moment happened in college. I had been pushing an art degree, but it was a constant struggle. And then began taking writing classes, and discovered what I was meant to do.

Sometimes what we think is good for us is not what we need, what actually makes us happy. Without a bit of exploration, we don't get to the point where we are supposed to be.

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Thank you!

Dreams can be achieved by taking one step toward it each and every day. Just keep sight of it and keep believing ahs you will achieve 😄


Exactly my thoughts! Rome wasn't build in a day. Small tasks accomplished daily will take you closer to your vision.