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RE: The Rise Of The ZEV's

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If only more people would start understanding the blockchain social media sites or scout out other ways to earn side income. The smart and open minded ones adapt and learn


It can definitely help to have the knowledge and learning about economics and deflation, I just think that being the "smart" one is the option for those who have access to education. There are so many people who don't get the option, they just know job/work = money = living. We'd need massive education I'm just wondering how we scale that kind of education with so much misinformation and governments and financial institutions actively campaigning against blockchain, sadly people still believe these tossers

It's a mindset change that's lacking and when all you've done your life is follow instructions from school to doing a job and being told what to do, thinking for yourself seems to be "against the grain". In a world where you have so much knowledge at your fingertips with the internet (granted there's a lot of scams also), lack of education doesn't seem to be a valid excuse and life is an education in its own right.

So I think "sadly, people still believe these tossers" is the situation that will always remain so long as people don't start thinking for themselves.

I have to agree I think you have to make it “real” for them so say Nicky is now a crypto millionaire then they’ll want to learn and be interested! Crypto has already made a few millionaires but as the success stories continue that’s what i think will get their attention it sucks but consumerism is the bridge I guess!

Dangle the carrot hey. Think we missed the whole "overnight millionaire" phenomenon from a few years back but hopefully there'll be a bull run this year or next and we can be like, "sup bitches" haha 😎

Also check my wallet, your boy is stacking sats in HIVE-Engine! Got 0.0031169 already from moving STEEM over

Noiiiiice! How much STEEM have you got left to shift out? I'm still waiting for exchanges to enable deposits again, got a few thousand ready to be dropped!

LOL I wasn’t powering down this is just stuff in getting from the good old lease market I’m moving over! Once I get my latest delegation back and lease them out again I’ll power down the rest and move it out