The Rise Of The ZEV's

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Hey Jessievs

The world is facing one of the most unique issues of all time, the loss and obliteration of jobs. Jobs, work, career its all we've known for 1000s of years, hard labour has been reduced through the industrial revolution, and cognitive labour was the order of the day. Now with the dawn of the internet, blockchain, IoT, AI, Machine learning and quantum computing, we're seeing the irradiation of thinking labour the likes of which you have never seen.

A lot of people think that their jobs are going to be safe from AI and that their skills are unique and worth having,. Still, sadly they are mistaken, each year the IQ of AI increases and with it comes a continuous reduction in the number of jobs as AI does it faster and cheaper than any human can.

Zero Sum Game

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The problem with jobs

The problem with jobs is that we've tied our economy to it as well as our self worth and we haven't been compensated to a point where we can remove ourselves from it altogether. There's only a small percentage of people who can live out their entire lives without work and without a deflationary asset to hold, many others will never see that happen in their lifetime.

Jobs are tied to our survival for many of us, and job losses can drive people into depression and worse civil unrest.

The scarcity of jobs

Governments are selling you lies while the private sector continues to innovate. While the unimaginative bunch sucking up tax revenue cannot see that jobs are on the decline and campaign the masses to vote for them, promising them jobs is a race to the bottom.

Sure they can do it now in the short term, and the medium term create inefficient jobs for the sake of paying citizens but eventually technology will cannibalise it. Once it starts to make zero economic sense to drive employment, the ZEV's will be on the rise.

The Zero Economic Value (ZEV) individual

We've had these forever, but it was maintained within the bounds of soceity, children and the elderly do not produce economic value, its the working population that keep the rest of society afloat. Then we have the disabled and those on welfare and societal failures that have had no impact on the economic and only suck up funds from the government all being paid for by the wealth of the working population.

This was a balancing act of governments, to make sure the middle class continues to grow to pay for all the dependants from the ZEV's. Still, it looks like with technology and poor monetary and economic policy we will see more people fall into the ZEV category without ever having the probability of getting out.

Retrain or remain jobless

The popular argument is that as machines do more of our jobs, we can focus on doing other things and new jobs will come to the surface to replace the old ones, this may have been the case before, but this time it's going to be different. One you displace a taxi driver or truck driver with self-driving cars, do you think they're going to retrain to become a coder? No, they need to find labour tasks, and as labour tasks decrease through machines, they need and pay for it decreases, making it less viable.

There will be a population that do rise to it, but they will be a minority that is retrained and move on, a vast majority will be left jobless as they have no skill to sell into the new marketplace.

Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think? Will ZEV's be on the rise? How will we cope as a society of people with no economic and societal function but still need to consume?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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Interesting post.
I don't think the transition to a situation where AI does many jobs will be very fast.
Due to the demographic change many older and less technological savvy people will retire. (This demographic change will, of course, lead to many other problems). This will lead to a certain scarcity of employees (even for less qualified people). Younger people tend to learn and adapt faster. Perhaps they'll be able to learn to code. Plus, any technological (r)evolution in the past led to more jobs, not to less.
For the decade ahead I see many risks globally (from monetary shocks to the demographic change with less consumption and less investment to bigger wars). From my perspective the rise of AI is a rather small challenge on this timeframe.

I think it speeds up every year and the world is not catching up fast enough, we must remember a large part of the world doesn't even have running water and literacy, nevermind skills that the new job market will value, so it just makes the barrier to earning a good wage harder and with less jobs like it. Every year code is created you need less developers over time too.

If only more people would start understanding the blockchain social media sites or scout out other ways to earn side income. The smart and open minded ones adapt and learn

It can definitely help to have the knowledge and learning about economics and deflation, I just think that being the "smart" one is the option for those who have access to education. There are so many people who don't get the option, they just know job/work = money = living. We'd need massive education I'm just wondering how we scale that kind of education with so much misinformation and governments and financial institutions actively campaigning against blockchain, sadly people still believe these tossers

It's a mindset change that's lacking and when all you've done your life is follow instructions from school to doing a job and being told what to do, thinking for yourself seems to be "against the grain". In a world where you have so much knowledge at your fingertips with the internet (granted there's a lot of scams also), lack of education doesn't seem to be a valid excuse and life is an education in its own right.

So I think "sadly, people still believe these tossers" is the situation that will always remain so long as people don't start thinking for themselves.

I have to agree I think you have to make it “real” for them so say Nicky is now a crypto millionaire then they’ll want to learn and be interested! Crypto has already made a few millionaires but as the success stories continue that’s what i think will get their attention it sucks but consumerism is the bridge I guess!

Dangle the carrot hey. Think we missed the whole "overnight millionaire" phenomenon from a few years back but hopefully there'll be a bull run this year or next and we can be like, "sup bitches" haha 😎

Also check my wallet, your boy is stacking sats in HIVE-Engine! Got 0.0031169 already from moving STEEM over

Noiiiiice! How much STEEM have you got left to shift out? I'm still waiting for exchanges to enable deposits again, got a few thousand ready to be dropped!

LOL I wasn’t powering down this is just stuff in getting from the good old lease market I’m moving over! Once I get my latest delegation back and lease them out again I’ll power down the rest and move it out

With only so few jobs I doesn't matter how much one retrains most unemployed will never work again.

That's what I am thinking, we need new reforms, new ways to save and store wealth, new ways of distributing wealth, the job boom is coming to an end and we're moving into a new world that needs new rules

Very interesting post ! And unfortunately I have read too much about it (Homo Deus, "La guerre des intelligences"...

Therefore I always am the "pessimistic" a.k.a rational. I know politicians (left and right) are really scared of this as they see it coming and are powerless.

The truth is: unemployment will be bigger and permanent for some people. Not to mention technology is making blue workers 'dumber" as seen with Taxi and Waze/TomTom; their cognitive abilities dropped tremendously compare to before.

See ya later !

Indeed that’s exactly it I didn’t touch in the fact that a lot of labour has “lost” its value but it’s jobs for the sake of having jobs! Governments are not prepared for this, the world is changing so fast and we’re going to have to throw out a lot of our old beliefs because they’re going to be counter productive

I am a Jessie!!!

Nice! Glad to meet new J in my comments :) Hope to see you around these parts more often. I see you're a travel blogger, would love to have you as a featured author on our site sometime :)

Thanks too! It's nice meeting new people! :D


The picture of the boat sinking is so good for the article you have written. I think we live in a chain and we are all connected. The key is adaptation. Mental preparation for things to go south north or wherever. We need the ability to be like a chameleon: rechange, reconstruct, rebuild. Change the domain, acquire a new skill, adapt. People can be out of a job anyday. Security is a concept, not always a reality. And I think that people now need to find the strenght to believe in their skills and talent to push them to new horizons.

I think we are a chain but we've distanced ourselves from the links in a way that we can allow part of it to rust and think nothing of it until the entire chain is broken. We only act when we're the ones that are affected, not when we see the chain start to rust from the bottom end.

I fully agree security is a concept and a mindset we sell ourselves and we should be more flexible I just think that we've become so rigid that any drastic change clearly puts us out of our comfort zone and we cannot cope

I think sadly this is Darwinism at play and it's going to cost humans a lot of lives for it to play out

Comfort zone should be called danger zone. Because settling in and procrastinate because you are comfy is a huge danger for your future. People who fail to see that will fall like flies during crunch time

Ooooh I like it, I'm so stealing this one as inspiration for a future blog post, I like the way you think, I need to spend more time picking your brain

Hahhahhahaha do not forget to tag me then😂

All we have to do is to pray, that these pandemic end. Stay safe everyone.

It should come soon, I think we have bigger challenges to face than this so called pandemic! We’re going to need systemic change in the way we think, trade, use money, allow governments power and more