I bought a Oculus Quest 2 for Hivefest

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I've always been interested in VR but I never bothered to get a headset as I don't feel like the technology is mature yet. The majority of use cases is 1970's style gaming. I also don't want ninjas to sneak up on me when I am using it.

I think the idea of using VR for the next Hivefest is really cool and I want to give it a try.

If you sign up before Dec 7th, it is free!
What you waiting for?

You can register here for Hivefest.

I'm giving some thought to being a presenter myself, not sure what I would present but I'm thinking of some ideas.

Before the event, you can create and customize your avatar in Alt Space VR.

Alt Space VR is where Hivefest will take place on December 18th.

The device that seems most recommended for the event is the Occulus Quest 2, the 64GB model is $299.00 on Amazon.

I picked one up myself and am excited to check it out, I will have it just in time for Thanksgiving to let the kiddos play with it. I can see now it's going to be some fighting going on.


After you sign up for Hivefest, head over to Alt Space VR and set up your avatar. I used the version on Steam (not the fraudulent blockchain Steem).

Here's my avatar so far, I may change it before the event.

The avatar has a very Among Us feel when it comes to hands floating in mid space.

I also have a really cozy crib when I joined Alt Space VR.



Will need to look into what I need to do to customize it. Will work on that once I have the headset in a few days. No sense doing it in 3D.

If a lot of people get VR, we could start doing VR events on a regular basis. Maybe @crimsonclad can invite us to her home and we can hang out there during CyberBuzz.

If you plan on going, go ahead and sign up and make your avatar and post it in the comment section so we know who to look out for.

All images of the Occulus Quest 2 are from Amazon.

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I have an Oculus Go but I also just picked up an Oculus Quest 2 for the event. I'll be there of course and looking forward to "seeing" everyone!

I've been considering buying a VR headset too.
@brianoflondon has just got an Occulus Quests2 and is pretty impressed with it.

Only problem is that you have to have a Facebook account and log into it to use it.

I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that.

Indeed this is a clear no-go for me. And it should be one for all Hivers!
I also heard users with obvious fake-facebook accounts (like myself) may not be accepted and that Oculus kicks them out.

Just make a fake facebook account.

Nice purchase.

Question, how much power do you need on the computer it is connected to?

It is a while since I looked at it. Years ago, one needs a pretty high end computer to have enough processing power.

This is a device that is to be used without a PC, but you can connect it to a PC and use it as an Occulus Rift. This is my first VR device so I will do some experimenting around. Using it with PC games is what I am most interested in outside of Hivefest.

You can also plug an Oculus to a PC using Oculus Link

Ugh... I live in the bush. If I can get Starlink before then, I'd probably show up with one of those fancy gadgets on my head. I doubt my experience would be bearable with my current ISP.

I have used it pretty successfully with a HotSpot on my phone. but good wifi certainly does make it nicer

Nice! Big fan of the Oculus 2 as well. Much better resolution than the first version.


The price also makes more sense now, I remember paying almost $ 800 for the former.

I signed up as @gaottantacinque but I haven't set up my avatar just yet.

How does the Quest 2 compare to the Rift?

I haven't tried the Rift in person but according to the specs the Quest has a higher resolution: 1440 by 1600 pixels compared with 1280 by 1440. That and not having to be tied to a cable was enough for me to decide.

Yep i've been using it almost a week now and it's been a blast. Just waiting to get a few people together for some test room chats. etc



You getting a Quest 2?

It already arrived.

Nice. I got mine today as well. Son abs I are having fun.

Thanks for sharing brother

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