Do I need to do the 100% hive stuff every day for the whole month of January totalling up to 31 blogs or 31 days?

Yes. Either a post with 100% power up or a "classic" power-up of at least 1 HIVE

if I miss 1 day, I am not valid for the PUM for January?

Yes. This challenge is merciless

Am I allowed to make other blogs with 50/50 rewards?


So i just read your post and all the comments in here today and I started blogging again just today, does this mean I lost 5 days already since Jan 1, 2022? 😅

Unfortunately, yes 😢

I guess it's still ok. At least I had motivation to blog again yesterday and I was able to get votes too.
Would you mind telling me please if it was correct that I made my default post reward' to 100% Hive Power?

We checked it and didn't see any power-up or post with the 100% Hive Power