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RE: Feedback from the October 1st Hive Power Up Day

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Hello @hivebuzz. Thank you so much for the delegation. I appreciate it. I wasn't able to power up as much this month due to several obligations and investments I'm attempting to work my way through.

I started the PUM in September. However, I got mixed up with my days. I'm restarting it for October and hope to complete it.

I appreciate your support each month.

Take care.


Thank you for participating in the PUD with as much HIVE as you can, @justclickindiva.
FYI, we did a pause with the PUM (more about it in this post), but this does not prevent you to challenge yourself. 😀

this routine... indeed it was a hard one! 30 HIVE were not a problem, but the curriculum, and not letting go inbetween mundane activity about this. I was VERY close 2-3 times to up myself :)))

At least you stayed the course and got it done. Well done. Congratulations!

Yes, it was hard for me simply because I didn't want to go 100% HP on all my posts. There one contest I enter each week that required 50/50 split. Remembering to go back and change it was a challenge.

I'll save up for October during the break and participate in November.

What I will do is power up 1 Hive when I first get online to start my day.

What I will do is power up 1 Hive when I first get online to start my day.

uh, that was exactly what I did. I was unsure if I will have 30 HIVE for all 30 days AND 100 HIVE by the end of the marathon (that was my plan) - but happily, I came with 125 liquid tokens... all of my posts were 50-50, I powered up 1 HP each day - this is the hardest part, imo... to keep all the routine and dont step out of the pattern. may I treat you with a little mushroom !PIZZA as a small consolation? and ofc, I wish you luck in October!

@justclickindiva! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @qwerrie.

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Much appreciated.

Thank you so much. LUV, LUV, LUV, Mushroom Pizza.

And here's something for you for feeling my pain

Don't forget. NO OCTOBER. Taking a break I read. Next one November







@qwerrie, you've been given LUV from @justclickindiva.

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