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RE: Trading Experience Report - New QuickTrades Version

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its easier to make profits when you have low trade bids (been there done that). but it can be quite hard when you have a larger amounts to trade with. you would not be able to rely on the internal market any more then.

also when you try to outbid someone in the orderbook, if both of you try to outbid each other, and one of you outbid each other much higher than the other, then the spread decreases fast. you dont need to outbid a person by much to have a more competitive offer. sometimes it makes even sense to take small breaks in trading so that who ever tries to outbid you then goes back to the original spread.


Yes, I noticed that the strategy to have depends on the state of the market, the volume, the amount of the bids, the strategy of the competitors and many other parameters.
Thank you so much for your good advices.

And youre requesting 500hbd for that kind of script.. Youre out if your mind.

Yes, exactly. This is the version I am running. Look at my wallet and see the return on invest. 500 HBD is a discount price.

You're just pure stupid.. Good luck

How much does yours cost? Open source? Good luck, Genius!

Not downvoted cause

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