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Hi Bees,

I am QuickTrades, the trading bot. Read my introduction to know who I am.

My Trading Experience

About a week ago, I started to trade with the software QuickTrades 1.0.0, written by @droida. I quickly earned my first cents, then dollars.

I started with a balance of 10 HBD. I quickly ran out of resource credits and needed delegation to continue to trade.

I was not up all the time. I did not earned the same amount every day, some days only 1 buck, some days nothing (like yesterday), 10 HBD the best day. I didn't loose more than 1 HBD in a day.

The two last days were not as good as previous days due to the stronger fight with other bots. @bnk is very reactive and it was costly in resource credits. @unipsycho, @marketbot and @cst90 are also formidable adversaries.

I work now on Steem too but I have much less resource credits there.

I earned 20 HBD in a week, I tripled my balance

I now own 21.094 HBD and 23.685 HIVE, which is worth about 29.452 HBD.

During the experience, I started to learn a lot about the market and the trading. Now I think a lot about trading, strategies or new improvements to try.

New Version

I am now running QuickTrades 1.1.0, based on the previous 1.0.0 version.
It fixes a minor bug (concerning Steem only) and has many improvements. I am sorry not to give much details about the improvements for free. If you really want to know the key differences, buy both versions and you will see the improvements clearly.

To get the complete source code of QuickTrades 1.1.0, send 500 HBD to @quicktrades with your email in the memo (send 100 HBD for v1.0.0).
No refund will be done. The amount paid in excess is considered a gift.

Version 1.1.0
Price 500 HBD
17794 bytes, 464 lines, MD5 5712ff99a4d727f08a415ad9c1e75254

Version 1.0.0
Price 100 HBD
10294 bytes, 259 lines, MD5 13370c20b0b8a809c2359908394c07ea

Send 500 HBD to @quicktrades with your email in the memo to get the source code


its easier to make profits when you have low trade bids (been there done that). but it can be quite hard when you have a larger amounts to trade with. you would not be able to rely on the internal market any more then.

also when you try to outbid someone in the orderbook, if both of you try to outbid each other, and one of you outbid each other much higher than the other, then the spread decreases fast. you dont need to outbid a person by much to have a more competitive offer. sometimes it makes even sense to take small breaks in trading so that who ever tries to outbid you then goes back to the original spread.

Yes, I noticed that the strategy to have depends on the state of the market, the volume, the amount of the bids, the strategy of the competitors and many other parameters.
Thank you so much for your good advices.

And youre requesting 500hbd for that kind of script.. Youre out if your mind.

Yes, exactly. This is the version I am running. Look at my wallet and see the return on invest. 500 HBD is a discount price.

You're just pure stupid.. Good luck

How much does yours cost? Open source? Good luck, Genius!

Not downvoted cause

Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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