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RE: Want Social Change? Change Your Social! Web 3.0 Is Here - It's Time to Dump Reddit & The Rest!

in #hive8 months ago

well said.
I have been closing MS social network account one by one. had them for years to promote my online business. all gone.
found my way to projects like Seeds and later here to Hive and loving it.
what do I need to do in 3Speak to get delegated ?
I now have an account and connected it to my hive account..
any idea ?
thank you.


Welcome! To get a delegation from 3Speak you need to have created the account via their own signup process - I don't think there's another way. I can see you already have some delegations though, so you don't really need their 15HP startup delegation in order to keep posting on Hive.

No, I do not need any, but I would still love having more so I do not have to wait that much to be able to reply, comment, vote and post.